AliensAuthor: Peter Kucera Release Date: April 7 1999 Story: Waking up from a deep sleep on a space station, you find the place overrun by aliens; your only option is to destroy the reactor and get the hell out of there in an escape pod. This is a fantastic level with great game play, above... Read More »

LORCH: Abducted

LORCH: AbductedTitle: Lots Of Roaring Chewing Hams: Abducted Author(s): Sanek & Merlijn v. Oostrum Release Date: December 21 2012 Story:  Duke received a letter from his friend.The letter said that one very famous person was abducted. Duke has to go to a small town to save them. A city map with inspiration taken from the Roch... Read More »

1 Bitch

1 BitchAuthor: GregR Release Date: May 30 1997 Story: The aliens have established a mining operation on a distant planet. Although the planet is slowly falling apart, it’s up to Duke to infiltrate their base and stop any further plutonium ore from being extracted. A large map with a good design and layout. The areas of... Read More »

The New Beast Research Facility

The New Beast Research FacilityAuthor: Tommi “STEAMBULL” Heikkinen Release Date: June 14th 2005 Story: Set in a kind of mountain-located facility game play is nice, as it showcases balanced weaponry against a well-proportioned army of baddies. The map itself is quite linear, but still boasts a pair of well-hidden secrets to slightly enhance your weaponry and generate interest in... Read More »

Rush Back

Rush BackAuthor:Luciano Gallo (Gambini) Release Date: July 9th 2007 Story: The tele-transporter Duke used in MIB to come back to earth has lost its frequency and the anti-matter resonance was absorbed by an electrical storm of biblical proportions. Apparently, this was brought on by a strange mineral located inside a coke mine. The mineral is also... Read More »


FbSp001Author:Geoffrey van Dijk (Fakir) Release Date: January 5 2002 Story: EDF is hoping you can stop an alien invasion again. Well it’s not a big invasion because it’s only 1 map and the aliens have used a Russian base as there hideout, and are preparing stuff to make a nuke. The map is a densely... Read More »

EDF Base

EDF BaseAuthor: Cody “Supertanker” Jackson Release Date: July 3 2005 Story: A basic run-through-the-level-blasting-the-crap-out of-everything-level, in a “secret” base in Syria. A note from the author: Look underwater for the shield control. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes (not tested) Cooperative 2-8 Player : Yes (not tested) Difficulty Settings... Read More »

EDF Overtaken

EDF OvertakenAuthor: Ryan “quakis” Rouse Release Date: July 16 2003 Story: A small EDF styled base consisting of corridors and medium sized rooms, but it’s a great looking little map with good texture combos, strong shading, and nice trim work. It definitely appears to be under siege with holes blown into walls and hazardous material leaking out... Read More »

Babes (2009 remix)

Babes (2009 remix)Author: Taivo Maripuu Release Date: April 4 2009 Story:This is a modified version of babes map which was released a long time ago. It had rather crap design so I changed it here and there. Enjoy ! * Play information * Single player: Yes Dukematch: Yes Cooperative match: No Difficulty settings: No Atomic pack required:... Read More »

End Of The World: Part 1

End Of The World: Part 1Author: Aymeric Nocus (ck3D / MRCK) Release Date: July 09th, 2015 Story:Description : Yet another city at night – except this particular one is under a pretty serious type of attack. * Play Information * ____________________ Episode and Level # : User Map (E1L8) Single Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player : No DukeMatch 2-8... Read More »

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