MarioKart64 – Double Deck

MarioKart64 – Double DeckAuthor: Paul Bolduc Release Date: June 24 2017 Story: This is a Death Match map based on the Double Deck from Mario Kart 64. The original concept map was created by ToiletDuck64 from the EDuke32 Forums. I built a replica of his map thinking I could make it compatible with the Classic renderer, which I... Read More »

Parkade 3D

Parkade 3DAuthor: Micky Crisp (Micky C) & Paul Bolduc Release Date: November 18 2013 Story: The map begins with Duke Nukem’s plane being shot down by a nearby recon pig cop patrol that is circling around a parkade structure. The Aliens appear to be protecting a piece of alien technology located on the roof. Shortly after... Read More »

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn BridgeAuthor: Paul Bolduc Release Date: October 15th 2012 Story: After checking his bags in at the Brooklyn Hotel Duke leaves the foyer with the intentions of heading down to the local arcade to play some video games. At the time it seemed like a good way to spend a quiet Friday evening. However, Duke’s plans... Read More »

Atomic Arena

Atomic ArenaAuthor: Paul Bolduc Release Date: December 1st 2012 Story: The Friday night football game has been cancelled because the Arena Manager seems to be missing in action. The Arena seems to be a busy venue just not with the human kind. It’s Duke’s job to go in and restore peace by any means necessary. *... Read More »

RCPD Finale

RCPD FinaleAuthor: Paul Bolduc Original Release Date: November 6 2011 -> Updated November 13 2017 Story: Duke jumps over the perimeter fence at the Redcliff Police Department, only to find out it has been over taken by Aliens! Duke’s objective: Find a way into the Police station, equip himself in the Armory and locate the service... Read More »

Dracula’s Castle

Dracula’s CastleAuthor: James Stanfield Release Date: October 22 2016 Story: Dracula’s Castle; created for the Duke Spook’em mod and released as a demo of sorts. Made in about 3 days, I set a challenge to myself to not get bogged down and actually finish some maps this year. Was made to be relatively open ended. This... Read More »

The Monastery of Darkness – 20th Anniversary Edition

The Monastery of Darkness – 20th Anniversary EditionAuthor: Schronzki Release Date: May 21 2016 (Updated from the original map in 1999) Story: Back in the late 20th century someone had the idea to build a monastery right into the rocks similar to the temples of Petra. Before completion it was left to a group of strange cultists searching an ancient cave with... Read More »

USS Guantanamo

USS GuantanamoAuthor: N.E.Voigt (HangNail) Release Date: November 12 2012 Story: A medium sized space station map. Duke has been called back out of retirement to find out why EDF has lost contact with the USS Guantanamo Bay prison space station. It is feared that the inmates have taken over the station. The map is made up... Read More »


WinterfallAuthor: Sanek Release Date: October 7 2016 Story: After a few days of R&R, Duke Nukem returned to his work at EDF. Now he’s a Detective Nukem and his job is to look after the Little Bigville, the little snow town on the edge of nowhere. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch... Read More »

The Huxtler Inn

The Huxtler InnAuthor: Ricky Pierrot Release Date: May 14 1998 Story: Step back in time, to an age when rape, torture, executions in public, and slavery were the order of the day. When a woman’s entire fate could be sold to the highest bidder. In those day’s the so-called Witchcraft was an excuse for sadistic men to... Read More »

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