AliensAuthor: Marek Kubáèek Release Date: October 29 2000 Story: It´s not same story as the Movie, but there are some same rooms.. Duke must find reactor and destroy it before the aliens kill him * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player : Yes Difficulty Settings :... Read More »

JMW-SP3 (Devil’s Gate)

JMW-SP3 (Devil’s Gate)Author: JMW Release Date: April 8, 2018 Story: The setting is in a wintery mountain side. There is something strange going on in these temples. Creatures are trying to use ancient portals to cross over to earth! What should we do…SEND IN DUKE!!! * Play Information * Single Player : Yes Cooperative Play: Yes DukeMatch... Read More »

The Prison Campus

The Prison CampusAuthor: Waddah M. I. Abdu Release Date: October 22 1998 Story: This is the first episode of Duke Nukem’s Quake Master. Duke Nukem finds himself an alien craft that apparently can take you through Dimensions, and in some weird mix up, the game turns into Quake Nukem. Duke Nukem is captured, and finds himself in... Read More »

Fbsp003: City under Siege

Fbsp003: City under SiegeAuthor: Geoffrey van Dijk Release Date: December 25 2004 Story: A part of the alien invasion army has invaded and fortified a city that, once completely taken over, will give the aliens a great benefit because of it’s strategic position. You are to enter through the old subway system and clear as much ground as... Read More »


EclipseAuthor: Keith Hazelet Release Date: November 30 1997 Story: Duke was getting some R&R when his briefing officer interrupted him. The officer said “Duke, we have a new problem. In a desperate last attempt to steal all of our chicks, the aliens captured our last moonbase. They used their best troops, so they will be... Read More »

Alien Trilogy

Alien TrilogyAuthor: Carl Ray Release Date: April 23 1997 Story: 4 levels inspired by the “ALIENS” movie series. There are no new weapons, alien art or AI in this release as i’m not sure if i can get away with including these at the moment. There are baddies in the maps just not the real thing.... Read More »

Quest for Hussein

Quest for HusseinAuthor(s): Jesse Petrilla, Geoffrey van Dijk & Kevin Cools Release Date: October 31 2002 Story: Quest for Hussein is a 6 level TC released by Petrilla Entertainment. Fitting its genre, the goal is to fight Iraqi soldiers and eventually to kill the boss, Saddam Hussein. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8... Read More »

Quest for Al-Qaeda – The hunt for Bin Laden

Quest for Al-Qaeda – The hunt for Bin LadenAuthor(s): Jesse Petrilla Additional Map Pack Provided by: Geoffrey van Dijk & Devastator Release Date: January 4 2002 Story: Osama Bin Laden and his cronies must be hunted down and destroyed. You are dropped in the heart of Al-Qaeda territory. You must fight your way through hordes of Osama’s “men” in your Quest For Al-Qaeda.... Read More »

Hilton Junior

Hilton JuniorAuthor: Shinigami Release Date: May 29 1997 Story: A rather complex level due to multiple layers of rooms on top of each other. Lots of hiding places and passage ways (just try and find them). Also contains some outside buildings (Bank, etc). Some ideas were taken from a rather expensive large hotel, `NOGA HILTON’. This... Read More »

Duke Nukem Eternity 2.0

Duke Nukem Eternity 2.0Author(s): DanM, Deeperthought & Muelesa Release Date: March 25 2015 (Final Release) Story: Duke Nukem Eternity is a 6 level episode utilizing the wonders of Eduke32’s polymer system, Duke plus & the HRP to create a unique Duke Nukem Experience. DNE is set at the start of the alien invasion in LA, The story is... Read More »

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