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Wonderful Christmas Time

Wonderful Christmas TimeAuthor: James Stanfield Release Date: November 25 2007 Story: Duke has been dropped into some remote snowy mountains to investigate strange alien Duke has been dropped into some remote snowy mountains to investigate strange alien  activity. He will have to treck through the wind caves, a tourist attraction, and then an old mining facility before locating the source... Read More »

Wide Awake

Wide AwakeAuthor: Aymeric Nocus (ck3D) Release Date: October 16th, 2012 Story: Another city yet again under siege from the aliens. A typical urban map with a dark and dingy atmosphere. Locations are fairly typical such as a swimming pool, a burning office building, a grocery mart, some roof tops, sewage tunnels, storage rooms, control styled rooms, and a large... Read More »

West Was Won

West Was WonAuthor: Alan Page Release Date: May 5 2000 Story: The aliens got your girl ! Destroy all who gets in your way, through a western-style map. They’ve imprisoned her, so find the jail and deliver her ! Bring her back at all cost… * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player :... Read More »

West Alien Train

West Alien TrainAuthor:Cedric Lutes (zaxtor znort) Release Date: August 11 2003 Story: Duke starts out in a descending shuttle craft that lands in a deep rock pit connected to some mining tunnels.From there it’s through a few canyons leading into a depot and onto an alien train.The map is linear from start to finish with some annoying... Read More »

The Water Ship

The Water ShipAuthor: Luke Silvester Release Date: December 22 1996 Story: The aliens have captured the Water Ship the E.D.F’s only supply vessel which carries water to the lunar prison and remote outpost’s through space. The aliens have also started laying eggs in tiny hives so  the only option Duke has is to find the Auto destruct... Read More »

War Zone

War ZoneAuthor: Andras Piroska Release Date: December 31 1997 Story: Duke has been shot down from the air again.He landed in the center of a war zone. Enemies are around him everywhere. Your task is to make Duke escape, but it will not be easy. I promise you a wartime atmosphere, destroyed buildings, damaged vehicles and... Read More »

Wang Nukem

Wang NukemAuthor: Duke64Nukem Release Date: July 23 1014 Story: An urban map with a street section and a train station inspired by Shadow Warrior. The level is pretty small, but is well detailed and has a nice ambiance. Good texture combinations and some strong shading accentuate the gloomy atmosphere which makes for a nice alien infested... Read More »


ViewportAuthor: Fernando Márquez Release Date: March 16 1997 Story: Safe by just barely steps ahead of the huge explosion which took the Alien Fusion Tower to a crumble, Duke finally reaches the spacebase the alien forces have set up for the moon assault Overlord to lead the attack schemes. “No more pissin’ the good ol’... Read More »

Undesirable Elements

Undesirable ElementsAuthor: Frode Waksvik (Puritan) Release Date: January 12 2007 Story: The aliens have over run a moon base and it’s up to Duke to terminate them with no mercy to protect the newly discovered form of energy. A large map with a great layout and design. The texturing, shading, detailing, and sprite work are all... Read More »

Underwater Sub Base

Underwater Sub BaseAuthor: Jason Bredhauer Release Date: September 13 2000 Story: Set within a underwater Submarine type base….has lots of nice tunnels, barracks and a submarine. The map has a James Bond feel to it. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No Cooperative 2-8 Player : No Difficulty Settings : Not... Read More »

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