Operation Blitzkrieg

Operation BlitzkriegAuthor: David Billing Release Date: April 26 2011 Story: Built as an additional episode to the Atomic Edition. This episode was designed to have an old school look and feel. * Play Information * Episode: 5 Maps Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player : Yes Difficulty Settings : Yes... Read More »

Lost Highway (Episode)

Lost Highway (Episode)Author: Petr & Lukas Release Date: December 14 1999 Story: Really good design for an oldie. A lot of places look realistic. Nearly every vehicle looks realistic, better than the cars in Roch series. The texture choices are well chosen, although most canyon rocks are flat. Everything is laid out really well. * Play Information... Read More »

Critical Mass – (T/C)

Critical Mass – (T/C)Author: Bocao (Vitor de Paulo) Release Date: January 10 2003 Story: A secret nuclear research facility is under control of the aliens. The only way in is by a special teleport located at a EDF weponary research building. After killing the aliens the only way out is by a escape turboplane at the hangar. Critical... Read More »

Duke is Ten

Duke is TenAuthor(s): Geoffrey van Dijk, Iggy, James Stanfield, William Gee, Merlijn & Maarten van Oostrum. Release Date: January 29th 2006 Story: Give a group of premier mappers from the community just three days to create a set of maps centered on the theme “ten” to celebrate DukeNukem3D’s 10 year release anniversary. Given the short amount of... Read More »

Space Mission

Space MissionAuthor: Paul Monteray (High Treason) Release Date: April 15 2012 Story: A 2 level mini-episode with non-vanilla features such as gravity effects and using a space suit. The aliens have taken over a space station to use its communication relays.Duke runs ’em out of town and chases them down to a lunar mining facility where... Read More »


FM3XAuthor: Fernando Marquez Release Date: June 17 2015 Story: A nice series of space station (orbital and planetary)/alien themed maps.The atmosphere flowed very well and stayed consistent. Overall good looking maps with nice texturing/shading/sprite work/architecture/detailing. Lots of puzzles and effects and plenty of aliens to shoot up too. A few maps were so big and... Read More »

Moon Base Accident

Moon Base AccidentAuthor: Zykov Eddy Release Date: August 4 2008 Story: A 7 map episode (including 2 secret levels) and an additional 2 map Dukematch episode. New enemies: the scorpion tank and a couple different breeds of slimers. A new, powerful weapon to replace the shrinker. New art and sounds. The series of levels starts the player... Read More »

Alien Extermination – (TC)

Alien Extermination – (TC)Author(s): Michael Cranston, Corporal Hicks, Oggy, Kiwi64,Skywalker, Ion & Maddog. Release Date: May 4 2004 Story: Several weeks ago we lost contact with a small colony on a planet called LV-426. Based on the ranting of an obviously disturbed former flight officer we sent out a small team of colonial marines. They we expected to... Read More »

Bad Weekend

Bad WeekendAuthor: Mister Sinister Release Date: June 8th 2010 Story: A 7 level episode with two secret levels (nine levels total). Most of the maps are short to medium in length. The first three levels are pretty basic in their design and layout. The shading is weak, the architecture blocky, there’s very minimal detailing, and alot... Read More »

Death Drive

Death DriveAuthor: Mister Sinister Release Date: May 1st 2015 Story: “DEATH DRIVE” takes inspiration mostly from classic levels of “L.A. Meltdown” and a few other sources like ‘Metropolitan Mayhem” and “Hotline Miami”. The main focus of the episode is levels with classic vibe packed along with challenging and fastpaced action of my own map “Slaughterfest”. I... Read More »

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