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BobSPX: Xenocide

BobSPX: XenocideAuthor: Bob Averill Release Date: February 14 2014 Story: Duke: Thanks for the lift, General. General: I was in the area. Besides, the EDF isn’t going to leave it’s top agent stranded off the coast of an island in the middle of nowhere! Duke:…What is it you want this time? General: Such a cynic. You... Read More »

BOBSP4: Sub Species

BOBSP4: Sub SpeciesAuthor: Bob Averill Release Date: October 25 2013 Story: “How do you alien bastards like it when someone shoots up *your* ride?” Duke sneered as the mangled Reptoid mothership sank beneath the waves. One boat left at the dock, and just enough gas. “Hot damn, I’ll be home in time for Oprah.” Months later, the... Read More »

Bobsp3: Fuel for Vengeance

Bobsp3: Fuel for VengeanceAuthor: Bob Averill Release Date: January 22 2002 Story: “Good riddance to bad bullsh*t” you mutter as your freshly commandeered tram speeds towards the 2nd island in the small tropical chain. Your shirt is torn and grimy, your boots caked in blood, and you haven slept for 48 hours, but one thought presses you on: ... Read More »

Bobsp2: Paranoia

Bobsp2: ParanoiaAuthor: Bob Averill Release Date: February 29 2000 Story: (Continued from Bobsp1) Wiping the last drop of rain from your forehead, you think “All I wanted was to get in out of the rain, and now I’m in one helluva fine mess; The Reactor and it’s subsystems are all shot to hell, and I’m the... Read More »

BobSP1: Foreboding

BobSP1: ForebodingAuthor: Bob Averill Release Date: January 12 1999 Story: While boating off the Coast of Japan, your boat hit a jagged coral and started to take on water. You are too far from shore to make it in time, and these waters are widely renowned for their abundance of Sharks, made hostile towards humans by... Read More »


BobafettAuthor: Mike Beaulieu Release Date: August 27 1997 Story:This is a fairly large single-play level. It’s setting is in an alien arctic base featuring several unique areas. Some of which are: an underwater power station, storage and carbon freezing facility and a training area for alien divers. The enemies are everywhere as Duke explores the... Read More »


BedroneAuthor: Billy Boy Release Date: October 22 2002 Story: Duke’s dream time is interrupted when his ride crash-lands behind enemy lines. Duke must find a way to the Gateway, or die trying. Mind the native population. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No Cooperative 2-8 Player : No Difficulty... Read More »

Babes (2009 remix)

Babes (2009 remix)Author: Taivo Maripuu Release Date: April 4 2009 Story:This is a modified version of babes map which was released a long time ago. It had rather crap design so I changed it here and there. Enjoy ! * Play information * Single player: Yes Dukematch: Yes Cooperative match: No Difficulty settings: No Atomic pack required:... Read More »


AsylumAuthor: Bob Masters Release Date: December 16 2000 Story: Duke has heard that the aliens are screwing around with advanced scientific experiments. They’re tampering with forces of nature that no one should be messing with! They’ve even discovered the secret of invisibility. When Duke tells the government about this, they declare him insane. Imagine, aliens... Read More »

Aqua Base

Aqua BaseAuthor: Cody “Supertanker” Jackson Release Date: December 31 2005 Story: The aliens have taken over an underwater base and it’s up to Duke to kill them all and reclaim it for the EDF. In the mean time Duke must get to the submarine hanger control room and open the barricade so he can make his... Read More »