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Bummed Out ! Anarchy City X

Bummed Out ! Anarchy City XAuthor: Aymeric ‘MRCK’ Nocus Release Date: June 8 2013 Story: Duke is a bum, who has sheltered himself in an abandoned warehouse, itself located in the old industrial district of a vague French town in the countryside. It’s a cold winter morning and the sound and shock of explosions in the near vicinity jolt him... Read More »

Buenos Aires Explosive

Buenos Aires ExplosiveAuthor: DavoX (Leonardo Pellegrini) Release Date: February 20 2006 Story: You are assigned to a mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It seems the locals are rioting beyond control in a very important city. Surprisingly, the riots started to occur only after two big corporations: sweeney sewage and 3dRealms Demolition Co. joined into one large corporation... Read More »