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FbSp001Author:Geoffrey van Dijk (Fakir) Release Date: January 5 2002 Story: EDF is hoping you can stop an alien invasion again. Well it’s not a big invasion because it’s only 1 map and the aliens have used a Russian base as there hideout, and are preparing stuff to make a nuke. The map is a densely... Read More »


FactoryAuthor: Michael and Robert Caraballo Release Date: January 17 1998 Story: A very professional looking city / industrial based level, with offices, wine cellar and a storage warehouse. The authors of this map have done a great job with textures and puzzles, which combined makes this a good map. * Play Information * Single Player:... Read More »

Eye Witness

Eye WitnessAuthor: Kevin Kevin “Kef_Nukem” Cools & Alejandro Glavic Release Date: January 25 2002 Story: You’re watching Itchy and Scratchy and it’s annoying you so you’ve decided to go outside and when you just get out of the door you hear this awful crashing sound and you’ve become an eye-witness of a attack by the Aliens.... Read More »