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Riverside Town

Riverside TownAuthor: Paul “High Treason” Monteray Release Date: December 16th 2012 Story: Duke was staying in a hotel in a smallDuke was staying in a hotel in a small  decrepit city called “Riverside” and  planned on spending the night with a  rather nice lady he met at the bar.  Unfortunately (or luckily?) two pigs  make an appearence... Read More »

Quantum Physics

Quantum PhysicsAuthor: Paul “High Treason” Monteray Release Date: May 8th 2013 Story: After the events of Riverside TownAfter the events of Riverside Town  Duke takes the boat and docks with an  EDF Sub-oceanic Rail System. Unfortunately, Duke hears word that  another alien invasion is taking  place in the neighbouring city,  Seaside City, where the aliens took  over a secret under-sea... Read More »