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Slum Noir

Slum NoirAuthor: Oasiz Release Date: August 22 2014 Story: Welcome to the slums of of Neo L.A. Home to the notorious addicts, keeper of the spike in crime rate. A place where the alien infestation was just the extra needed bit of saturation to complete the picture. Duke just got shot down again due to something... Read More »


SloothAuthor: LEGION & NOSAJEEL Release Date: July 21, 1997 Story: SLOOTH is a deserted kingdom full of mysteries, secrets, and fighting vantage points. Lot’s of thought, time, and detail went into this level. It is the result a co-authorship between master map makers (Nosajeel & Legion). Months of e-mailing it back and forth have finally... Read More »

Shrapnel City

Shrapnel CityAuthor: Danny Mason Release Date: August 26 2013 Story: A night time city block. Duke starts out in his apartment at the end of a downtown strip; he must navigate through a building on one side of the avenue, down through a subway station and back up to get to the roof, do a bit... Read More »

Rush Back

Rush BackAuthor:Luciano Gallo (Gambini) Release Date: July 9th 2007 Story: The tele-transporter Duke used in MIB to come back to earth has lost its frequency and the anti-matter resonance was absorbed by an electrical storm of biblical proportions. Apparently, this was brought on by a strange mineral located inside a coke mine. The mineral is also... Read More »

Rural Nightmare

Rural NightmareAuthor: Aymeric ‘MRCK’ Nocus Release Date: October 24th, 2004 Story: A meteorite crashed in the southern village and aliens took over the northern village. The few inhabitants who survived started to build walls all around the place to prevent the aliens from coming in but they didn’t have enough time and the aliens did manage... Read More »