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We Store Your Crap (WSYC) Remix

We Store Your Crap (WSYC) RemixAuthor(s): Kevin Cools & Geoffrey van Dijk Release Date: April 15 2003 Story: The map takes place in an industrial warehouse somewhere in the desert. Your job is to find a few key cards and get rid of the alien presence. This map has a nice design coupled with an amazing ambiance. The authors have... Read More »

Welcome Home

Welcome HomeAuthor: Alejandro Glavic Release Date: May 27th 2003 Story: A map great enough to make your eyes water. Welcome Home takes place in a nicely detailed industrial based city with plenty of explosions, neat sector tricks and solid urban game play. The authors use of shading adds amazing realism and the extra art suits the... Read More »


YMF500GAuthor: Alejandro Glavic Release Date: December 5 2001 Story: April 17th, year 2015, Duke was working for EDF for years and finally qualified for this mission that will save over $15,000,000 every year: He was sent to an EDF space station to test if its possible to cook popcorn in space. But something went wrong:... Read More »

Voices of Authority

Voices of AuthorityAuthor:┬áMarkus Friebe ( AKA: SalaciusCrumb ) Release Date: May 14 2004 Story: The “Sheridan” project is our last line of defense, the ultimate weapon built to turn the tide in times where hope fails. A powerful manned stationary weapon situated in orbit near Earth, able to shoot a single laser beam strong enough to break... Read More »

V5 Moonland

V5 MoonlandAuthor: Ryan Isenberg Release Date: May 4 1997 Story: Duke makes an impromptu landing into the alien moon base. * Play Information * Episode and Level # : episode 4(USER MADE EPISODE) LEVEL 3 Single Player : Yes Cooperative Play: No DukeMatch Level : Yes Difficulty Settings : Yes Plutonium PAK Required: Yes New Art:... Read More »

Turok 2

Turok 2Author: Duke64Nukem Release Date: November 26th 2014 Story: Duke continues his journey right where he left off in Turok 1. Now Duke must find his way inside of Turok’s sacred temple, beware the temple and it’s surroundings have been said to be heavily guarded by monsters since the disappearance of Turok. Luckily Duke is heavily... Read More »


TurokAuthor: Duke64Nukem Release Date: July 7 2014 Story: Turok map based off of my memories of playing Turok (especially the N64 versions) and not a specific map. Turok’s homeland has been taken over by aliens the government say’s it is to risky to send soldiers in to help a fellow hero since it is in... Read More »

Tribute to Action II

Tribute to Action IIAuthor: Danny Mason Release Date: August 6 2009 Story: This map uses quite a few Dukeplus effects. This map contains a full remake of the cinema from the 1st level and continues down a path of destruction with mass street battles and bosses galore. Contains variants of normal monsters that have more health more damage... Read More »

The Unknown Planet

The Unknown PlanetAuthor: Maarten van Oostrum Release Date: January 1 2016 Story: You somehow got trapped on the alien planet again, this time you’re trapped on an island in the middle of an acid sea. Obviously you can’t escape by swimming away, so you have to find another way to escape. * Play information * Single Player:... Read More »

The New Beast Research Facility

The New Beast Research FacilityAuthor: Tommi “STEAMBULL” Heikkinen Release Date: June 14th 2005 Story: Set in a kind of mountain-located facility game play is nice, as it showcases balanced weaponry against a well-proportioned army of baddies. The map itself is quite linear, but still boasts a pair of well-hidden secrets to slightly enhance your weaponry and generate interest in... Read More »