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Clear Water

Clear WaterAuthor: Billy Boy Release Date: September 3, 2000 Story: Duke decides to invade a quiet little Nuclear Waste Facility. When the trespasser is discovered, the alien troops are alerted, and what follows is mayhem. The level is fairly small, with some good detail, and a few interesting effects. One of the pools is transparent from... Read More »


WGREALMSAuthor: William Gee Release Date: February 9th 2005 Story: Duke was having a meeting with Indiana Jones. Indi had a plan, he was going on a field trip to Egypt. He had found new information about the location of one of the most prized artifacts of the Pharros of Egypt! The artifact was hidden deep... Read More »


DaikariNGame Type: Episode Author: Gabriele R. Giaminardi Release Date: September 30 2002 Story: DaikariN – It’s a Japanese term which means “big crown of flowers” like the nuclear bomb outbreak. The Earth Defense Forces leader has been killed just when a strange artifact has been uncovered. Therefore Duke goes to investigate this at the EDF... Read More »

Metropolitan Mayhem

Metropolitan MayhemAuthor(s): MetHy, Aymeric “MRCK” Nocus, Mikko Sandt, & Merlijn v. Oostrum Release Date: March 2nd 2012 Story: Around January 2010 MetHy came up with the idea of making an episode in the style of the original Duke Nukem 3D city maps (episode 1, 3 & 4). Later on MRCK became project leader. The idea was... Read More »


WGSpace4Author: William Gee Release Date: June 29th 2003 Story: Aliens have taken over an EDF base again, but this time the are trying to and assimilate the technology. Better stop the bastards ! * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No Cooperative 2-8 Player : No Difficulty Settings : Yes... Read More »

WGSpace3 – Ice Moon

WGSpace3 – Ice MoonAuthor: William Gee Release Date: December 19th, 2002 Story: You have been busy, first you recaptured the Astro core mining facility and then teleport onto the Alien mother ship to destroy there two super flying saucers… You found a alien stealth craft at then ending at steal your ride out. The earth forces are awaiting... Read More »

WGSpace2 – Alien Resurrection

WGSpace2 – Alien ResurrectionAuthor: William Gee Release Date: November 4th 2002 Story: The Alien scum have developed a new flying saucer, also a new cloaking squid warrior. Duke has been sent into the depths of the alien hive ship to find and destroy all prototypes of these new weapons. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch... Read More »

WGSpace1 – Astro core

WGSpace1 – Astro coreAuthor: William Gee Release Date: October 18 2002 Story: Earth forces have found an abundant sorce of nuclear material hidden inside an Asteroid orbiting earth. A base was set up and mining was started. The Alien scum have succeeded in finding out this piece of information and have stolen the base. You have been chosen... Read More »


WGCityAuthor: William Gee Release Date: May 31st 2005 Story: This map is a City theme, it’s just a shoot the enemy & blow things up map. Have fun, boom boom!! Note : Please play in classic mode or without any highres stuff because you will miss all the cracks. * Play Information * Single Player... Read More »

WG Alien

WG AlienAuthor: William Gee Release Date: November 1st 2003 Story: The Aliens are coming to attack earth again “The bastards” Your mission is to stop them! Mission (1) Destroy the main power generator, disabling all the ships weaponry. Mission (2) Disable the ships shields, Mission (3) Deploy missiles into the ship. * Play Information * Single... Read More »