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Duke Mall

Duke MallAuthor: Ryan Lennox Release Date: June 19th, 2008 Story: The virtual enemies from a local arcade game “Earth Defense Forces” seem to have found their way out of the game and into the real world! They have taken control of the mall, and it’s your job to take it back. Due to their video-game-based existence,... Read More »


Fbsp002Author: Geoffrey van Dijk Release Date: June 14 2002 Story: A rather short map taking place in a hotel styled building. There is a small outdoor street area, but the majority of the game takes place indoors. Aside from the lobby, studio, a few maintenance rooms and closets, the bulk of the travel takes place... Read More »

Enlighten the Darkness: Again

Enlighten the Darkness: AgainAuthor: Ryan “Quakis” Rouse Release Date: July 8th 2007 Story: After replaying the original version of this map, I thought it would be a good idea to change the gameplay to fit with Duke3D enemies since that of Army of Death could be considered boring or too easy. The map now has some more ambient... Read More »

Duke Nukem For3ver: Part 2

Duke Nukem For3ver: Part 2Author: Dennis Collins (StarCraftZerg) Release Date: October 25 2014 Story: The Aliens are back, and as cliche as it may sound, they are trying to take over the MOON! Our hero, Duke Nukem must once again save the abandon Polaris Outpost station from the alien hordes and abort their whole species! * Play Information *... Read More »

Duke Nukem For3ver

Duke Nukem For3verAuthor: Dennis Collins (StarCraftZerg) Release Date: August 25 2014 Story: Upon defeating the alien menace, yet again Duke starts to take a relaxing vacation. Duke had to take a shit, so he went to the little boy’s room. Suddenly, aliens! Bet you didn’t see that coming? Well, it look’s like this vacation has come to... Read More »

Downtown Ride

Downtown RideAuthor:¬†Aymeric ‘MRCK’ Nocus Release Date: March 20th, 2004 Story: You’re driving home from a party, when you notice that a cop car is following you, sirens on. You don’t understand why they want to get you cause you’ve done nothing wrong. You’re just doing 75 on the wrong side of the road… A glance at... Read More »

Docking Doom

Docking DoomAuthor: Lanna Deones Release Date: August 11 2000 Story: Duke is a regular cargo inspector, sent to orbiting space docks to check for illegal cargo. As a routine check up on the dock station, Zero Alpha, finds Duke uninterested, a sudden distress signal comes up for only a second. Duke grabs his pistol and locks... Read More »

Demolition Plant

Demolition PlantAuthor: Henri K (RazorZ) Release Date: January 23 2010 Story: The follow up map to Resistance Rocks. Duke has been sent to stop aliens from ruining the Hydro Fusion Sub Station apart somewhere in Nevada. After this Duke finds himself in Demolition Plant, before known as Modern World Building Site. It seems to like those... Read More »


DemolitionAuthor: Devastator Release Date: March 11 2008 Story: The object is to search around and find a few keys….who am I kidding? The object is to blow everything up and stomp on guts. Slugfest doesn’t even begin to describe the total mayhem and war of this map. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes... Read More »

Crucial Conflict: 2 – Waterworld

Crucial Conflict: 2 – WaterworldAuthor:¬†Maarten Pinxten Release Date: September 4th 2000 Story: After a routine flight above Western Europe, Duke Nukem, EDF’s best agent, crashed on the roof of a storage facility near Rotterdam mainport, in The Netherlands. Completely dazed he tried to find some help or at least contact the outside world, but none of that worked out.... Read More »