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Night and Day

Night and DayAuthor: Geoffrey van Dijk Release Date: July 9 2003 Story: I started this map quite a long time ago and I also finished it quite a long time ago, but I decided to release it just now. The thing with this map is that it has, well, night and day. After about two minutes you’ll... Read More »


HasitAuthor: Lukas Cerovsky Release Date: September 16 2001 Story: A city map with some typical locations such as streets, a fire station, and a grocery store with an adult club in the basement (and what supermarket wouldn’t benefit from having some debauchery going on under its floorboards?). Also few atypical locations like a construction site... Read More »

Fbsp003: City under Siege

Fbsp003: City under SiegeAuthor: Geoffrey van Dijk Release Date: December 25 2004 Story: A part of the alien invasion army has invaded and fortified a city that, once completely taken over, will give the aliens a great benefit because of it’s strategic position. You are to enter through the old subway system and clear as much ground as... Read More »


EclipseAuthor: Keith Hazelet Release Date: November 30 1997 Story: Duke was getting some R&R when his briefing officer interrupted him. The officer said “Duke, we have a new problem. In a desperate last attempt to steal all of our chicks, the aliens captured our last moonbase. They used their best troops, so they will be... Read More »

Alien Trilogy

Alien TrilogyAuthor: Carl Ray Release Date: April 23 1997 Story: 4 levels inspired by the “ALIENS” movie series. There are no new weapons, alien art or AI in this release as i’m not sure if i can get away with including these at the moment. There are baddies in the maps just not the real thing.... Read More »