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JMW-SP3 (Devil’s Gate)

JMW-SP3 (Devil’s Gate)Author: JMW Release Date: April 8, 2018 Story: The setting is in a wintery mountain side. There is something strange going on in these temples. Creatures are trying to use ancient portals to cross over to earth! What should we do…SEND IN DUKE!!! * Play Information * Single Player : Yes Cooperative Play: Yes DukeMatch... Read More »

Turf wars on 13th Street

Turf wars on 13th StreetAuthor:(Team M:Impossible) Blackjack, Chris Alcock & Maarten Pinxten Release Date: March 17 2001 Story: Turfwarz takes place a deserted, anonymous street in downtown LA. This scrap of urban decay is the battleground of two rival gangs, the Red Wings (who control the local subway station) and the Blue Cowboys (who operate a breakers yard). Naturally... Read More »

Stellar Death

Stellar DeathAuthor: Juan Daniel Alcobre (Papamonos) Release Date: May 21 2004 Story: Tiberius, a touristic cosmic station located between Earth and Moon, on Spain geography, has been invaded by Papamonia, 10 years since the 186-Blair” Peace document for they and Earth. This invasion produce before the spanish EDF Pressident coming, David Bisbal. The possible cause is... Read More »

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night FeverAuthor: Geoffrey van Dijk Release Date: March 5 2003 Story: A map in a train station based on the VIP death match map in Agent under Fire, and on by Maarten Pinxten. * Play Information * Single Player : No Cooperative Play: No DukeMatch Level : Yes Difficulty Settings : No Plutonium PAK Required:... Read More »

The Prison Campus

The Prison CampusAuthor: Waddah M. I. Abdu Release Date: October 22 1998 Story: This is the first episode of Duke Nukem’s Quake Master. Duke Nukem finds himself an alien craft that apparently can take you through Dimensions, and in some weird mix up, the game turns into Quake Nukem. Duke Nukem is captured, and finds himself in... Read More »


PainAuthor: Stranger Release Date: June 17 1999 Story: Something is wrong. Something is approaching but I can’t run away. I can’t fight back. It washes over me in waves. It makes my eyes bleed. It makes my knuckles white. This crimson fluid is covering me, coating me, burning me. The burning seeps through my skin.... Read More »

Night and Day

Night and DayAuthor: Geoffrey van Dijk Release Date: July 9 2003 Story: I started this map quite a long time ago and I also finished it quite a long time ago, but I decided to release it just now. The thing with this map is that it has, well, night and day. After about two minutes you’ll... Read More »


HasitAuthor: Lukas Cerovsky Release Date: September 16 2001 Story: A city map with some typical locations such as streets, a fire station, and a grocery store with an adult club in the basement (and what supermarket wouldn’t benefit from having some debauchery going on under its floorboards?). Also few atypical locations like a construction site... Read More »

Fbsp003: City under Siege

Fbsp003: City under SiegeAuthor: Geoffrey van Dijk Release Date: December 25 2004 Story: A part of the alien invasion army has invaded and fortified a city that, once completely taken over, will give the aliens a great benefit because of it’s strategic position. You are to enter through the old subway system and clear as much ground as... Read More »


EclipseAuthor: Keith Hazelet Release Date: November 30 1997 Story: Duke was getting some R&R when his briefing officer interrupted him. The officer said “Duke, we have a new problem. In a desperate last attempt to steal all of our chicks, the aliens captured our last moonbase. They used their best troops, so they will be... Read More »