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SCBP2Author(s): William Gee, Fernando, Davox, Merlijn Oostrum, Maarten Oostrum, Ilovefoxes, MetHy, Taivo30, MRCK, Crux Borealis, Rigelblast & James Stanfield Release Date: August 17 2008 Story: The first time we did this it was a lot of fun, so I wanted to start a second map. This time we got more people involved so it’s bigger... Read More »


SCBP1Author(s): James Stanfield, DavoX, Msandt,Merlijn & Maarten Oostrum, Gambini & William Gee. Release Date: May 14 2008 Story: The goal was to see what could be accomplished in an hour, and what we could each do with that time as well. Some parts are large, some parts are small, some parts are not detailed. Later... Read More »