Author: Stranger
Release Date: June 17 1999
Story: Something is wrong.

Something is approaching but I can’t run away.
I can’t fight back. It washes over me in waves. It makes my eyes bleed.
It makes my knuckles white.
This crimson fluid is covering me, coating me, burning me.
The burning seeps through my skin. It enters my veins and I scream. It infects my blood.
My insides ignite.

My hands solidify as it encases them; my veins boil with this intruding energy – and a sound repeats itself over and over. The sound is contained within my head. Others around me hear nothing.

This righteous fire, this unholy power – taking me bit by bit. Eating me.
Consuming me. This crimson fluid – this poison – changing me.
It draws deeper and deeper into me and my mouth opens; attempting a scream
of despair. I hear nothing. I try to cry but my eyes shed no tears.
I thrash my arms but I do not move.

As time travels past, this thing – this horrible thing – encases my body.
It replaces my blood with tainted fluid which bubbles through into my brain.
My brain at first screams its own psychic scream – then is silent.

This sound – this repeating horrible noise – tampering with my thoughts –
I beg it to stop but it wont give up. I try not to listen but its all too
clear. I laugh. When I laugh it echoes agony, insanity, and rage. Why won’t
it stop…

Where is it taking me? It forces my eyes shut. It’s blinding me. I still
feel its bitter wrath rampaging through my bloodstream and my mind goes

I fall.

I feel something cold against my cheek. It is… horizontal… flat…
cold. Its the floor, a cold stone floor. My mind is beginning to clear up
and the first question I ask is “Where am I?”.

My senses spring back to life. My hands are no longer petrified and I can
feel them, full of new energy. My ears come back and I can hear the sound
of my breathing, laboured, uneven breathing. My ears hear nothing else. The
noise – that horrible noise – is slowly fading away.

It seems everything is returning but – something is still wrong. That thing
has corrupted my mind, corrupted my thoughts! Something is very, very wrong.

“Where am I?” I ask again.

Wait. Something is happening. I know where I am. I give a little laugh.
I know where I am…

My eyes suddenly open wide and I realize there is something in my hand.

It’s a gun.

Without my consent, my mouth twists into a little smile.
Theres someone else here. Yes, most definately someone else is here…
Let us see how corrupted my mind is, after all.

“Let us burn together…”

“Feel my PAIN!!!”

* Play Information *
Single Player : No
Cooperative Play: No
DukeMatch Level : Yes
Difficulty Settings : No
Plutonium PAK Required: Yes
New Art: No
New Sound FX: No
New Music: No
New .CONs: Yes
Demos Replaced: No

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