News Updates

August 14 2017

A bit off topic, but my wife and I are expecting our first baby! Thus far she is 5 weeks pregnant. I was thinking if it’s a boy i’ll name him Duke. haha!

In other Duke news, I have been adding more maps daily to and currently the website is approaching 100 publicly downloadable maps with about 60 maps which I haven’t published and this is what i’m working on doing now. After that, I’ve got another 60+ to be added which will put the site at well over 200 custom downloadable high quality user maps!!!

Once these maps have all been added, I will start to go through each map individually to play and review them. Of course the maps I have selected have been the best of the best. So even if they don’t have a review, they are definitely worth your while.

I’m hoping I’ll have more time to play and review these maps once i’m on my maternity leave.

August 1 2017

I’ve added 97 more custom Duke maps to the site but they haven’t been publicly published. I’m in the process of indexing them as we speak. It’s a slow process but more is on the way. I think in the near future when it comes to reviewing user maps I will definitely need some help. Anyone who may be interested in doing map reviews for the site please contact me. Thanks!