Quest Town – (TC)

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  • Create Date October 13, 2017
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Quest Town - (TC)

Author: Mark
Release Date: October 10 2017
Story: This is a small one level demo to show that you can make an adventure game with the WGR2 mod created by Deeper Thought. I originally released this as MedEvil and it was an unfinished beta version. This one is complete.

There are 10 quests to complete. Completing them all is not required to finish the level. When you approach most non-moving villagers they will automatically talk to you. The walking villagers are different. Press the "use" button when they approach and they will say random things to you. If you see a villager with a yellow exclamation point above their head press the "use" button and they will talk and give you a quest to complete. When you find the item of that quest you can go back to them and press "use" again and if they have a reward for you it will be given at that time. You can press the "R" key any time to open and close a window that shows you your quests. Other features are contained in that window but were not used in this demo so ignore them. Quest items do not show in the window,a known bug. You do not have to complete one quest before starting another. A limitation here is that the quest item you need to find does not show in the map until the quest is given to the player. So you will end up having to go back to places you have already been earlier.

This is an adventure game but I put in some limited fighting at the end after the quests are completed. Its kind of a leftover area from way back when I was going to make this a shooter map.

In keeping with a tradition for some humor in all my projects, I included one room with a bit of silliness in it. You'll know which one. It definitely does not belong in a medieval village.


Unzip the 119mb QUEST TOWN file to a clean folder. Do not combine this with any other mods. Also make sure the Quest Town folder is NOT a sub folder of your Steam, Gog or World Tour folders. Some people had problems running some of my other projects when they were installed there. So I assume this would have the same issue. You do not need to copy your Duke3D.grp file into the folder to play this. Just click on the "WGR2MARK.bat" file to play. This was made to be played in Polymer but if your machine doesn't handle it well you can try Polymost. Obviously it won't look as good but it may be playable with a few minor glitches.