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PIGCOP BOSS and CYBER ENFORCER BOSS version .92 February 3, 2018
sprites by sebabdukeboss20, code by Dan Gaskill & thanks to JBlade for extracting and arranging sprites.

Instructions: Dump all included files into a virgin vanilla Duke 3D folder with the most recent version of EDuke32 in it. The included EDUKE.CON will load the code for the new boss. All the code for it is actually in the PIGBOSS.CON file, and you are free to copy it and modify it into whatever project you want. Obviously, you need to pay attention to things like the path in the sound definitions and the CON load order if you move shit around. The code is mostly standalone, but it does use state standard_jibs, so it has to load after that. This boss supports standard Duke 3D features such as being freezable, shrinkable, and respawning on DIG difficulty. EDIT: minor update, now works properly with the expander.

The PIGBOSS is tile 5120. Pal 0 is big and tough, other pal variants are smaller and less tough. I did not make it end the game when you kill it, since in most cases that is not desirable (a trivial addition if anyone wanted that though). Tile 5121 will make it stayput in a sector. It will work that way but it is is not optimized for that.

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