White Noise

White NoiseAuthor: ULTra Release Date: January 10 2019 Story: It’s a rather dark map with horror elements. You wake up. You know nothing. Where are you? Who are you? Make your way out of there and maybe you’ll find out what’s going on. This map has different game play elements compared to the usual Duke 3D.... Read More »

Command & Conquer Map Pack

Command & Conquer Map PackAuthor: Geoffrey van Dijk (Fakir) Release Date: November 8th 2002 Story: What was once destined to be a Total Conversion for Duke fell short and is probably now best classed as an episode. With only four single player levels (and the subsequent inclusion of 3 finished DM maps, 1 unfinished DM and 1 unfinished SP).... Read More »

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3Author: Cedric Haegeman (Sang) Release Date: October 12th 2005 Story: The latest installment in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 3 makes it’s appearance making it one of the most noteworthy releases. The winning factor in wonder resides in it’s size, being segmented into three huge monster-filled levels with rich architecture (another shining factor) and amusing detail,... Read More »

The Chronic

The ChronicAuthor(s): Sanek & Zykov Eddy Release Date: June 27 2009 Story: A five level episode made by Sanek with help of Zykov Eddy in the first map. The first two maps support Co-op play, while the remaining 3 maps don’t. The majority of the effort and detail went into the first two maps, after which... Read More »

MSSP (V3) – Episode

MSSP (V3) – EpisodeAuthor: Mikko Sandt Release Date: March 5 2001 Story: After thousands of alien invasions, a group of top scientists tried to find the source of these alien forces. Where’s the planet of these creatures? Some of the alien craft were noticed in the direction of the Orion star system. Scientists came to the conclusion that... Read More »

Duke Nukem Eternity 2.0

Duke Nukem Eternity 2.0Author(s): DanM, Deeperthought & Muelesa Release Date: March 25 2015 (Final Release) Story: Duke Nukem Eternity is a 6 level episode utilizing the wonders of Eduke32’s polymer system, Duke plus & the HRP to create a unique Duke Nukem Experience. DNE is set at the start of the alien invasion in LA, The story is... Read More »

The Gate – (TC)

The Gate – (TC)Author(s): Denise Krolczyk (Head SFX Engineer & Music Consultant), Matthew Harris (Level Designer), Brady Cox (Level Designer), Simon Castles (Music Composer), Ryan Isenberg¬† (Level Designer), Aaron Barber (Level Designer), Jeff Heath (Head of the Art Department / Level Designer), Brad Wernicke (Assistant Coordinator / Webmaster), Crista Forest (Level Designer), Jenna Ramsey (Music Composer), Joris B.... Read More »

Imperium (Episode)

Imperium  (Episode)Author(s): William Gee, Numan, KaiseR, Deeperthought, Merlijn & Maarten van Oostrum. Release Date: August 20 2011 Story: Imperium is an 8 level adventure with level design and music by the Oostrum brothers, additional level design by William Gee, Numan and Kaiser (who also made some models for this), with CON coding and some other odds... Read More »

Knee Deep

Knee DeepAuthor:¬†Derek McPherson & Michael “Micky C” Crisp Release Date: April 21 2013 Story: This is a recreation of a Doom episode using the characters, weapons, textures, and enemies utilized with William Gee’s mod. There are two versions available; either the polymer lighting redux version or the classic version which can be played in any video... Read More »

Sun Burn

Sun BurnAuthor: Rob Wijkstra (HighWire) Release Date: July 23 2006 Story: The episode follows along the lines of locating key cards & taking care of a bunch of monsters. The two maps shouldn’t take you more than twelve minutes each and are fairly straight forward with ample amounts of health and ammo but there are some... Read More »

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