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SpacetronicAuthor: Maarten van Oostrum Release Date: July 15 2017 Story: In short: you have 3 “missions” to make a machine work again, so you can escape from all the alien madness in this ship!  Play the map, and it all will explain with the view screen you’ll meet. * Play Information * Single Player :... Read More »

Near Life Experience

Near Life ExperienceAuthor: Daniel Aashage Release Date: August 28th  2001 Story: Now, arriving at sector C – Test labs and Control facilities…”You may recognize this phrase as it´s from another really awesome game called Half-life.   “Duke, arrives at storage area 2 – Store  and Package facilities…”  Duke presses the red button and releases an alien hoard, ready... Read More »


DQN1925Author: SuperTanker Release Date: April 15 2006 Story: EDF has recently constructed a large weapons platform on the moon. This station is home to : a large super laser with the ability to destroy any object. Recently contact has been lost with : the base. Investigate the disturbance, and destroy any aliens in or around... Read More »

Bad case of Mondays

Bad case of MondaysAuthor: Thedutchjelle Release Date: November 6th, 2016 Story:  Duke knows he’s the best of the best, but even the best of the best can die and run out of ammo. He ran into a building, with the legions of outer space on his heels. “Dammit,” he snarled, “Can I not get a moments rest to... Read More »


DukaiAuthor: Mike von Skellington Release Date: October 29 1998 Story: A street-map, inside and outside a Chinese / Japanese restaurant * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No Cooperative 2-8 Player : No Difficulty Settings : Yes Plutonium Pak Required : Yes New Art: No New Sounds: No New Music:... Read More »


SeaquestAuthor: Ramon Menendez Covelo Release Date:  November 7th, 1997 Story: The action takes place in a kind of sea fortress and a submarine. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No Cooperative 2-8 Player : No Difficulty Settings : No Plutonium Pak Required : No New Art: No New Sounds:... Read More »


TaygetaAuthor: Ray Tracer & Children Release Date: May 5 2000 Story: What happened between Maia and Taygeta. – Trrrchhhhh …… Colon … frrrrrrrrr …… Do you hear me ? Colonel ? – Yes Duke, I’m receiving you loud and clear ! What’s going on ? – I found a teleporter on Maia ! The teleporters... Read More »

Clear Water / Cranium

Clear Water / CraniumAuthor: Billy Boy Release Date: September 3, 2000 Story: Duke decides to invade a quiet little Nuclear Waste Facility. When the trespasser is discovered, the alien troops are alerted, and what follows is mayhem. The level is fairly small, with some good detail, and a few interesting effects. One of the pools is transparent from... Read More »


WGREALMSAuthor: William Gee Release Date: February 9th 2005 Story: Duke was having a meeting with Indiana Jones. Indi had a plan, he was going on a field trip to Egypt. He had found new information about the location of one of the most prized artifacts of the Pharros of Egypt! The artifact was hidden deep... Read More »


DaikariNGame Type: Episode Author: Gabriele R. Giaminardi Release Date: September 30 2002 Story: DaikariN – It’s a Japanese term which means “big crown of flowers” like the nuclear bomb outbreak. The Earth Defense Forces leader has been killed just when a strange artifact has been uncovered. Therefore Duke goes to investigate this at the EDF... Read More »