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Kut World

Kut WorldAuthor:┬áKevin “Kef_Nukem” Cools Release Date: November 25 2004 Story: An EDF styled high tech base located in a forest canyon. The map has top notch construction. Everything is well shaded, there are some real nice texture combinations, the sector and sprite architecture, as well as the trim work, is excellent. * Play Information * Single... Read More »

KaiseR Land 03

KaiseR Land 03Author: KaiseR Release Date: May 8, 2006 Story: An enormous and complex castle. The architecture and sprite constructions are very intricate, the trim work and detailing are prominent and very well done. Strong shading and additional art to expand the texture selection provides the proper look and feel of being in a real medieval keep.... Read More »

KaiseR Land 02

KaiseR Land 02Author: KaiseR Release Date: April 30 2005 Story: A large linear map consisting of: high-tech base, alien base, and alien planet locations. For the most part the map is well detailed, has nice sprite work, prominent trimming and strong lighting-shading effects. Navigation is mainly from point A to point B with only a few spurs... Read More »

KaiseR Land 01

KaiseR Land 01Author: KaiseR Release Date: March 24th 2005 Story: Duke is trapped in an underwater base with a bunch of aliens. Time to kill them all so he can go fishing in peace. An excellent looking map; well detailed with nice trim work and strong shading. Some windows with interesting sky boxes add a sense of... Read More »

Icestation Colossus

Icestation ColossusAuthor: Chicken Release Date: October 1st, 2008 Story: The aliens have taken over an arctic base and it’s Duke’s mission to infiltrate their defenses and capture their invasion craft. A medium sized map with a great layout and design. Texturing and shading were very well done for both indoor and outdoor areas. Although a few... Read More »