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Moscitos Inn

Moscitos InnAuthor: TOBBS Release Date: July 19 1996 Story: Mountains, swamps, jolly green commando pigs, slimes and a Cadillac. Duke has crashed the van during an earthquake. As the only survivor, he has to find a way around the collapsed road which will take him deeper into alien territory. Your mission: – Destroy their mobile cable... Read More »

MoonBase Mayhem

MoonBase MayhemAuthor: Aaro Ruohonen Release Date: February 29th 2004 Story: Situated in a medium sized space station, the map is influenced by the original Lunar Apocalypse episode and E2L8.  Fight your way through the station from room to room. In between some heavy outdoor combats, you’ll be searching a destructed transportation facility. The design is very... Read More »

Midnight Arrival

Midnight ArrivalAuthor: Colonel Consequences Release Date: February 16 2013 Story: This level takes place around a shipping port. Most locations are conventional such as inside a cargo ship, underwater sections, a dock, a warehouse, and a combination port control office and power reactor building. There’s also a huge library in case the sailors get bored and... Read More »

Map E1L1A

Map E1L1AAuthor: Bruno Release Date: May 10 2013 Story: A tribute map based on E1L1. Other than a few similarities on certain locations, i.e. rooftop, movie theater, and the basic layout of the street in the front of the theater, one could hardly tell this is Hollywood Holocaust because of the extreme detailed makeover and extensive... Read More »


MaiaAuthor(s): Ray Tracer & Children Release Date:  April 6 2000 Story: Washington, 2004 – Colonel ! – So long, Duke ! How are… – Why have I been summoned, Colonel Trutman ? – Err… You must have guessed that we haven’t brought you here in order to take care of the first lady’s favorite pet…... Read More »

Maads (Maarten Desert)

Maads (Maarten Desert)Author: Maarten v. Oostrum Release Date: December 15 2001 Story:  Duke is dropped in a cave by a helicopter. Where he sees the following message: “Duke, our EDF-base nearby seems to be under alien control. We received a message for help an hour ago. After that nothing. Try to find out what the hell happened... Read More »

LORCH: Abducted

LORCH: AbductedTitle: Lots Of Roaring Chewing Hams: Abducted Author(s): Sanek & Merlijn v. Oostrum Release Date: December 21 2012 Story:  Duke received a letter from his friend.The letter said that one very famous person was abducted. Duke has to go to a small town to save them. A city map with inspiration taken from the Roch... Read More »


AxtionAuthor: Adrian Gilbert Release Date: January 18 1999 Story: This is a two-map mini episode set on a lunar base. What an insanely hard level to beat! Your mission is pretty simple: Cleanse out all alien presence and find those who are responsible for the alien attack. Having said that; this is by no means... Read More »

Lem 4

Lem 4Author: Enric Alvarez Release Date:  June 22 1997 Story: A high tech fortress infested with aliens. The map is composed of a series of small to medium sized rooms connected via stairwells, corridors, and under water passage ways. The layout is linear, but several portals open which allow access to earlier portions of the map... Read More »

Lem 3

Lem 3Author: Enric Alvarez Release Date: March 10 1997 Story: An alien infested hi-tech base. Duke is woken up prematurely from his hibernation chamber and must investigate what’s going on. The map is made up of a series of rooms interconnected with corridors, stairways, and raised platforms that branch off in several directions and create a... Read More »