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Passenger Jet

Passenger JetAuthor: Jason Bredhauer Release Date: August 3 2002 Story: Seems like the aliens have hijacked a passenger jet. Basically, Duke must clear the aircraft of all aliens. It is suspected that power on the aircraft has been partially destroyed, therefore duke must activate backup power and make his way to the cockpit to hit the... Read More »

Simple Minded

Simple MindedAuthor: Ryan Rouse (Quakis) Release Date: October 26 2005 Story: A medium sized key and switch puzzle map. There is no one set theme that is consistently presented in this level. Environments change back and forth from such locations as high-tech base, urban, alien base, city streets, and alien infestation. Level design is very solid... Read More »


ShadeAuthor: Bliss Release Date: February 2 1997 Story: A colony of aliens are inhabiting an abandoned castle. Your job is to NUKE IT! This level is a very dark and sort of “Quake” influenced, so it’s not for everyone. I took a lot of care in details…mainly the  lighting affects. * Play Information * Single... Read More »


SewersideAuthor: Igor Willems (Iggy) Release Date: July 20 2007 Story: The sewer system of Helltown wasn’t always what it should have been. Bad maintenance and the illegal dumping of chemical waste have made it into one of the most dangerous places (next to Duke’s toilet). Since many years no-one dares to go down there. The... Read More »

Sewer Control

Sewer ControlAuthor: Daniel Howard (Chrome) Release Date: August 22 2000 Story: The map is taking place in a sewer pumping station and it’s surroundings. Those alien scumbags is all over the place as you’ve guessed. Roam the facility and kick out the vermin before you head on into the night… Design is top notch with lots... Read More »


SewageAuthor: Alan Page Release Date: November 15 1997 Story:  This map takes place in a Canadian sewer system and end’s up at the Parliament Building in Ottawa.  Aside from the sewer tunnels and underwater sections that are typical of this style of map there are also several control rooms, a few natural rock caverns, and... Read More »


RetaliationAuthor: Thobias Fast (Loke) Release Date: December 11 2011 Story:  A short,enjoyable and insanely well-designed urban map. A map specifically made for the newly introduced feature for the EDuke32 source port called true-room-over-room also abbreviated as TROR. The usual with aliens invading yet another city. A rather brief map with silly vulgar humor and game... Read More »

Red Sun

Red SunAuthor: Eckard Gehm Release Date: October 6 1997 Story: A medium sized space level. EDF are cooperating with the aliens! But as you might expect: You can’t trust those alien scum bags. The beginning is quite nice as the author tried to make an impression of a space vessel orbiting the space station before docking…The... Read More »

Project Zero

Project ZeroAuthor: Spiker Release Date: August 5 2008 Story: The aliens have taken over a base located under a mansion. Inside the base a new weapon is being developed and it’s up to Duke to retrieve it at all costs. * Play Information * Mods Required: DukePlus 1.8 (or later) Mods Recommended: High Resolution Pack (HRP)... Read More »


PredatorsAuthor: Phoenix Release Date: December 11 2003 Story: A remake of one of the author’s earlier maps named Taamalus. The only major changes are that the game play balance has been adjusted so it’s fairer to the player, and now the key cards are required to finish the level. It’s still annoying to have to... Read More »