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Wang Nukem

Wang NukemAuthor: Duke64Nukem Release Date: July 23 2014 Story: An urban map with a street section and a train station inspired by Shadow Warrior. The level is pretty small, but is well detailed and has a nice ambiance. Good texture combinations and some strong shading accentuate the gloomy atmosphere which makes for a nice alien infested... Read More »


ViewportAuthor: Fernando Márquez Release Date: March 16 1997 Story: Safe by just barely steps ahead of the huge explosion which took the Alien Fusion Tower to a crumble, Duke finally reaches the spacebase the alien forces have set up for the moon assault Overlord to lead the attack schemes. “No more pissin’ the good ol’... Read More »

Undesirable Elements

Undesirable ElementsAuthor: Frode Waksvik (Puritan) Release Date: January 12 2007 Story: The aliens have over run a moon base and it’s up to Duke to terminate them with no mercy to protect the newly discovered form of energy. A large map with a great layout and design. The texturing, shading, detailing, and sprite work are all... Read More »

Underwater Sub Base

Underwater Sub BaseAuthor: Jason Bredhauer Release Date: September 13 2000 Story: Set within a underwater Submarine type base….has lots of nice tunnels, barracks and a submarine. The map has a James Bond feel to it. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No Cooperative 2-8 Player : No Difficulty Settings : Not... Read More »