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Naked Dash V1.2

Naked Dash V1.2Author: Mister Sinister Release Date: September 29 2017 Story: Duke has been captured yet again! This time things aren’t looking good though, aliens have decided to put him in prison cell until the right moment. The moment is now: Duke must survive a venture through the NAKED DASH: a deadly and surreal office complex built... Read More »

The Adventures Of Poseidon

The Adventures Of PoseidonAuthor: Daniel Aashage Release Date: June 24 2003 Story: An underwater aquarium facility styled map. The level is made up mainly of a series of corridors and spiral staircases that connect various storage rooms to a control room, an office, and the top side of the water tank. The floor plan is designed in a... Read More »

Aquatic Hive

Aquatic HiveAuthor: Devastator Release Date: October 16th 2004 Story: The aliens have a partially underwater base on a distant planet that’s used as a spawning ground. It’s up to Duke to get in there, take out the reactor, and wipe out their hive. A large base with a very nice design and layout. Very “alienesce” with... Read More »

AT AT Walker

AT AT WalkerAuthor: Slawomir ” LAW ” Lawrynowicz Release Date: March 10 2002 Story: A small, star wars themed space station. Duke must rescue the crew by deactivating the station’s defenses and enabling the escape pod. Of course everything in the way that moves gets a face full of buckshot, and there’s aliens a’plenty that need their... Read More »

Big Orbit

Big OrbitAuthor: James Duncan Release Date: November 26 1997 Story: A large star ship orbiting earth which duke will dock with in a shuttle. Plenty of alien asses to kick on this level and some cool scenes on board the ship, including the bridge, engineering, transporter room and all of that kinda’ thing. Dont worry it’s... Read More »

Chris Coleman’s Ross Lemon Memorial Death Match

Chris Coleman’s Ross Lemon Memorial Death MatchAuthor: Chris Coleman Release Date: March 16 2002 Story:* Dedication * To Ross Cameron Lemon JAN 1984 – DEC 2001, less than a month away from his 18th birthday. A small town and attached island built for maximum fragging, watch your rear! * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes... Read More »


ConfessionAuthor: Tim Conneen Release Date: June 16 1997 Story: The time has finally come for Duke to pay for his crimes! Or has it? After finding our hero passed out on the floor of a bar in the Red Light District, some of the last remaining aliens take Duke to their secret subterranean installation hidden... Read More »

Dark Place 5

Dark Place 5Author: Taivo Maripuu Release Date: April 18 2005 Story: You start off in an abandoned (and presumably haunted)amusement park. The object is to find a button which opens a door that allows access to a portion of the park in which you must find another button to allow access to another part of the park.... Read More »

Dr. Doom

Dr. DoomAuthor: Dukebert Release Date: August 13 1999 Story: A small military styled complex based on Doom2 Map4 (The Focus). Design is pretty standard; the architecture and layout are pretty basic, the texturing is proper, and the detailing fairly average. There is strong shading and some lighting effects to assist in creating some ambiance. * Play... Read More »

Godzilla 1998

Godzilla 1998Author: Thomas L. Harrell Release Date: July 27 1998 Story: A city styled map. The level consists of a street area, underwater pipelines, and several typical buildings like a theatre, a club, a toy store, and other ordinary places. It’s pretty well detailed and the architecture is above average, but there are some sector issues... Read More »