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Bad Weekend

Bad WeekendAuthor: Mister Sinister Release Date: June 8th 2010 Story: A 7 level episode with two secret levels (nine levels total). Most of the maps are short to medium in length. The first three levels are pretty basic in their design and layout. The shading is weak, the architecture blocky, there’s very minimal detailing, and alot... Read More »

Close Range

Close RangeAuthor: Mister Sinister Release Date: April 20th 2016 Story: Close Range” is a space map with lots of different ideas thrown together. The main focus of the map is Laser Trip bombs: You’ll be using a lot of them. You’ll get a Shrinker occasionally and maybe a Chaingun. Your goal is to blow up the... Read More »

Nuke Plant

Nuke PlantAuthor: Maveric Release Date: February 15 1998 Story: A fair sized single player level that takes place in a high tech science facility. You’ve got rockets, weird equipment with lots of alien dissections and experiments. Sounds like a job for Duke. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No Cooperative... Read More »