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Fight for life (version 1.1)

Fight for life (version 1.1)Author: Reginukem Release Date: September 6 2009 Story: A re-creation and improved version of the original map Emergency Room. This map uses custom textures to enhance the experience, along with more detail and attention to shading & scale. This map requires the use of DukePlus in order to successfully complete the level. * Play Information... Read More »

Emergency Room

Emergency RoomAuthor: Reginukem Release Date: December 15 2001 Story: Duke is sent to the Los Angeles main hospital where there have been reports of some disturbances in and around the ER. When Duke arrives he is immediately confronted by some ugly looking nurses and doctors. Wait a sec… Those alien bastards are back! Now its time... Read More »

Devastation – Level 1

Devastation – Level 1Author: Nukem1982 Release Date: August 26 2013 Story: Disaster never strikes at an opportune time. Duke’s bathroom incident was abruptly interrupted after a direct hit to Duke’s high-rise. Stranded on the 80th floor with his pants around his ankles there’s no time like the present to spring into action. Unfortunately, R & R must be... Read More »

Descent into Hades

Descent into HadesAuthor: Chris Allcock Release Date: February 10 2000 Story: The Hades Facility is an experimental underground complex utilizing the latest in 21st Century materials and architecture. The discovery of Bi-polymer compounds in 2012 meant that, for the first time, an underground structure could withstand the pressures of the rock above without the need for supports... Read More »

Earthbound: Beta Station

Earthbound: Beta StationAuthor: Kevin Slater Release Date: March 3 2000 Story: This is a preview map from ‘Earthbound’, a four level pack (to which I will probably add another two levels afterwards) which I will be releasing later this year (2000) It is a space station in the style of e2l4, ‘Fusion Station’ and e2l9, ‘Overlord’, so... Read More »

Baptized in Lunar Dust

Baptized in Lunar DustAuthor: Thobias Fast (Loke) Release Date: October 27 2015 Story: The sequel to Apprehension Arizona which had Duke slaughtering alien scumbags in the Arizona desert. Duke travels to a moon base that has gone silent for unknown reasons. The aliens are most likely responsible (obviously, what else?). * Play Information * Single Player : Yes... Read More »

Assault on AR-38

Assault on AR-38Author: Chris Allcock Release Date: June 22 1999 Story: The barren desert planet of AR-38 is… quite simply, a hell-hole. With few native life forms and no civilization, it was the ideal site for an alien base. Duke decides to scout the base in a shuttle – but hasn’t reckoned on their defense systems. He’s... Read More »

On Him Their Lives Depend 01

On Him Their Lives Depend 01Author: Kevin Cools Release Date: November 19 2001 Story: It’s war…. and you’re Duke. In a small city, weird things are happening and everyone in that town has left because they were scared. No one dares to enter the city but of course this madness should be stopped. Duke Nukem has to check it out.... Read More »