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Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3Author: Cedric Haegeman (Sang) Release Date: October 12th 2005 Story: The latest installment in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 3 makes it’s appearance making it one of the most noteworthy releases. The winning factor in wonder resides in it’s size, being segmented into three huge monster-filled levels with rich architecture (another shining factor) and amusing detail,... Read More »

City full of Alien scum

City full of Alien scumAuthor: Taivo Maripuu Release Date: June 18th 2008 Story: This is a spectacular non-linear map. You’ll notice that having to use the blue key card many times in a row can lead to choose which place to go first, as there is a load of locked buildings. But also, there is a huge force of... Read More »

Complex 2

Complex 2Author: Alan Nanut Release Date: November 10 1996 Story: A standard EDF complex overrun by aliens . As such you’ll visit creatively thought-up such areas as the officer’s mess hall, kitchens and ever-important control rooms. It looks and plays good for ’96, which is of course why it’s here – shading and texturing is above... Read More »

Death Valley

Death ValleyAuthor: Rob Wijkstra (HighWire) Release Date: May 17th 2003 Story: A small but fun level for 2 to 4 players, Death Valley a nicely designed, well conceived map which any Dukematcher can’t miss out on. There’s a couple of bunkers to defend yourself from and enough firepower scattered around to keep the place burning –... Read More »


DivadloAuthor: Lukas Cerovsky Release Date: January 17 2000 Story: Brilliant in conception and design, Divadlo looks terrific and plays well – you’ll be pitted against a barrage of enemies with (initially, at least) not a lot of firepower at your disposal. What the map lacks in different places to visit it more than makes up... Read More »

EDF Thanatos

EDF ThanatosAuthor: Reyk Release Date: August 21 2004 Story: EDF Thanatos, the flagship of the Earth Defense Force has been attacked and overrun by the invaders. The ship was en route to the Moon, carrying a newly developed positron cannon, which was intended to safeguard the Lunar base. Earth High Command’s scientists warn that the cannon... Read More »

Hostile Waters

Hostile WatersAuthor: James Duncan Release Date: March 29 1998 Story: Once more duke finds himself in the middle of a hostile situation, this time aboard a half flooded nuclear submarine, grounded on the rocks in the middle of the ocean on a dark stormy night. Though I doubt Duke cares what the weather is like! Find... Read More »


LairAuthor: Rob West Release Date: June 20th 1997 Story:. This map takes you to a moon mine with large cavernous areas, a decommissioned rail line and numerous control rooms – all of which have wonderful shading and texturing. When you’re done blasting, grab your ammo and head back to meet Big Nose! * Play Information... Read More »

Leo Hotel

Leo HotelAuthor: Leo Pril Release Date: October 24 1997 Story: A downtown hotel with everything in it. Rooms, restaraunt, swimming pool, jacuzzi, elevators, arcade, maintenance areas, underground, manager’s office, front desk, restrooms, sector over sector, and much more. Very detailed! * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player... Read More »

Medieval Times

Medieval TimesAuthor: Michael Caraballo Release Date: March 2 1998 Story: The inspiration to create such a level was a result of Nintendo’s current release of Super Mario 64TM for N64 and Quake for the PC. Unfortunately, this level is not intended for one player mode and although it is considerably large many of you will soon... Read More »