Holiday Holocaust

Author: Magnar Jenssen (C3PO)
Release Date: June 29 2000
Story: Duke is up against something far greater and more powerful than your standard army of bloodthirsty aliens. This time, Mother Earth is out to get him !

After having saved the earth numerous times, Duke is treated to an all-expenses paid vacation by the EDF. EDF, known to cut corners, sent Duke to the most exotic and fun-filled place $125 can buy. “Dusty Creek Hotel”, Arizona. What Duke nor EDF know is that the hotel is situated on top of a dormant volcano. Until now. After just 2 days in “paradise”, Duke is suddenly tossed out of bed. Looks like the volcano just woke up…

Your mission : Get the hell out of the hotel before it collapses !

* Play Information *
Single Player : Yes
DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No
Cooperative 2-8 Player : No
Difficulty Settings : Not Implemented
Plutonium Pak Required : Yes
New Art: Yes
New Sounds: No
New Music: No
New .CONs: Yes
Demos Replaced: No







Texturing / Shading






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