Into the Storm

Author:  Markus Friebe aka SalaciusCrumb
Release Date: March 13 2008
Story: The Brain Bug aboard the “Lemarchant” has, thanks to your efforts, been destroyed. However, in its dying breath, it sent out a telepathic signal awakening the dormant bug cities on the planet. In the past 24 hours, Mercator 3 has become a slaughterhouse. An emergency evacuation could retrieve only 70% of our troops. However, Fleet Command ordered that Mercator 3 must be retaken. And we may have our one single chance to do this…now.

When we discovered that the bug colonies on Mercator 3 were dormant, a research facility, code name “Looking Glass”, was established in the eastern sea, connecting directly to the main bug city beneath the ocean bed. The scientists were even able to extract the Brain Bug of the colony and isolate it in a research chamber. Unfortunately, the “Looking Glass” has also been overrun during the awakening. However, reports from the surviving scientist stated that the bugs weren’t able to free the Brain Bug from the isolation chamber. Your order is simple: Go down the “Looking Glass”, deactivate the seals to the Brain Bug chamber and kill the Brain Bug. To achieve this goal, MI Command will regularly provide you with MI troopers who will assist you with your objective. Good luck, soldier…our prayers are with you.

* Play Information *
Required Mod(s): Starship Troopers V.1.0
Single Player : Yes
DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No
Cooperative 2-8 Player : No
Difficulty Settings : Medium
Plutonium Pak Required : Yes
New Art: No
New Sounds: Yes
New Music: Yes
New .CONs: No
Demos Replaced: No

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