Miner Complications

Author: Dennis Collins (StarCraftZerg)
Release Date: December 5th 2018
Story: Richard Cranium Mining Company has uncovered an ancient alien relic deep within their Beta tunnel and is holding it underground inside their processing facility, Polaris. It won’t be long until the aliens reach the company and begin turning it inside out looking for their artifact. Fearing the unknown capabilities of this relic and for their lives the EDF have sent Duke to retrieve the relic and purge all alien life from within the facility. Something he’s completely willing and capable of doing.

* Play Information *
Single Player : Yes
DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-8 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Yes
Plutonium Pak Required : Yes
New Art: No
New Sounds: No
New Music: Yes
New .CONs: No
Demos Replaced: No

Review by: Forge

A very nice looking map. Articulate detailing, trimming, and architecture. Nice shading and texture combos. I like how it kept industrial, but was still able to use different texture sets for different areas, and it all blended together quite well. Lots of little stashes and side-areas to explore, which is nice.

Once again a map of Dennis’ starts off with a ridiculous and over-whelming situation which requires running in circles around a large group of aliens until there’s enough fratricide and ammo drops to clear the area out and get a foothold. It’s like being a dolphin trying to swirl up a bait-ball of mackerel. It takes a few attempts to do it an live. Some people don’t mind, some people are going to dislike it. A lot. After that bit, it plays out pretty good.

Review Summary:






Texturing / Shading







  • Fast paced gameplay
  • Great use of texturing / shading
  • Professional Layout & Design
  • Creative use of sprites
  • Awesome weapon, enemy & item placements


  • Some wall aligned sprites flicker
  • The initial start location can be discouraging
  • A Teleport out of the sewers could have been more seemless.

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