News Updates

October 27 2019 would like to welcome a new member to the team. Markus will be assisting the community by providing reviews & map ratings on the site. Thanks Markus!

October 21 2019
– Corrected an oversight with the review pages not displaying all maps by the same author.
– Updated the website to include two older maps made by Maarten Pinxten (ACME Weapon Factory & Operation Kolpowitz).
– Updated the AMC TC download to include all three episodes, along with patch V3.62 found on the AMC TC Download page.

September 4 2019
Finally… i’ve restored functionality of the website brought on mostly by bad updates. Persistence has paid off, now I can focus back on the content & community that matter =)

August 20 2019
Yesterday, I have uploaded a new map called: Dimension Shift by Paul “High Treason” Monteray. For the veteran mapper there is a lot to appreciate, which can easily go unnoticed by the average gamer. High Treason has coupled some amazing special effect combinations to pull off a truly unique experience. Anyone comfortable with using the editor will really appreciate this masterpiece. High Treason has been known for making maps that are very methodical and this level just exemplifies that. Nice work High Treason and thanks for making another great killer map for the community!

And in other news, while I haven’t been busy uploading much new content to the site, I have been busy with overhauling the sites core server services along with keeping current with the latest versions of the websites platform, plugins & themes. Of course, this does not come without its fair share of problems, as it does not take much to break something when it comes to software. With the latest updates, I have introduced bugs with the site so you may have already experienced problems with the site not functioning as expected. This is still a work in progress and while I have managed to fix most of the annoyances, some minor problems remain. But in my spare time I am silently working on them, so thanks for your understanding & patience.