News Updates

February 17 2019
A classic map by Forge has been recently brushed up to accommodate changes in the game engine. Forge has polished the map and corrected some design problems that previously hindered game play. I encourage anyone who is interested in playing some high caliber Duke levels to check this map out! The download can be found here:
Duke 23:4 Thanks Forge for your dedication and hard work!

December 3 2018

24 quality maps have been published on the site, along with an unfinished episode called Command & Conquer. This makes today the largest daily contribution since the origin of the website. Initially, the episode Command and Conquer was intended to be a Total Conversion, but it was never completed. Instead the author released what he had, with the intention of each map being played independently, making this episode more of a map pack than anything else. But it can be found under the Episodes table, since it was originally structured as a chain of levels.

November 10 2018

This month is off to a great start, with 41 new user maps added this month and 19 more in the queue! Go ahead snoop around. Happy Remembrance Day long weekend! =)

October 4 2018

For those who reside in Canada have a Happy Thanks Giving long weekend!

August 26 2018

Two new Mods have been added to the site: Leisure Suit Larry (MOD) & Alf’s Resort (MAP) by Alf Dude & Duke Nukem: Alien Armaggedon by DeeperThought.

June 15 2018 is 1 year old! How time flies when you’re having fun. There haven’t been a lot of new releases lately so I’ve uploaded 10 maps for your entertainment. If you happen not to find your favorite map on this site please tell me about it. Have a fun summer everyone!