News Updates

November 13 2017

Well, it has been 5 months to the day since this site has launched and in that time a total of: 496 custom maps / TC’s / episodes & mods are available for download. The custom content has reached a plateau, so at this point would welcome any person who might be interested in assisting with the review \ rating process. All inquiries can be made on the contact me page. Thanks!

September 24 2017

As crazy busy as this month has been, I’ve managed to upload another 130 custom maps bringing the total to 366. I also have a collection of Mod/TC’s/Episodes that I’ve been holding off on and I have another 14 custom user maps still remaining to be added. But I actually need to play these maps to create screenshots for them before uploading them to the site. At least now I feel like the site has an adequate selection of maps to choose from. There should be something for everyone. =)

September 9 2017

The remaining custom maps have been uploaded to the site collection bringing the total to 236 downloadable user maps. However, just when I thought I was done, I just came across another 105 maps that need to be added. So in the upcoming days I will be slowly introducing this next bunch of high quality maps to my collection, before I proceed with reviews. I didn’t realize there were so many high quality maps created over the last 21 years but I’m quickly fast tracking the site to get it as current as possible so it will become easier to maintain and offer a wider variety of maps for you to choose from.

September 7 2017
It was only after uploading 200 Duke maps that I’ve realized my logic in organizing my map tables isn’t panning out. After I’m finished populating the site with the remaining user maps in this next batch, I will revisit the websites user interface and make it more user friendly to navigate between Episodes \ Maps \ Mods. I will also restructure some of the table data to make it easier to identify what each map requires. At this point I’ve reached a milestone of 200 custom downloadable user maps and now it’s starting to feel more like a Duke fan site.