Voices of Authority

Author: Markus Friebe ( AKA: SalaciusCrumb )
Release Date: May 14 2004
Story: The “Sheridan” project is our last line of defense, the ultimate weapon built to turn the tide in times where hope fails. A powerful manned stationary weapon situated in orbit near Earth, able to shoot a single laser beam strong enough to break the hull of every hostile vessel. We prayed that we never had to use this weapon. Our prayers weren’t answered.

Two hours ago, sensors detected an alien mother-ship heading for earth. Our forces are too weak to answer the threat in direct combat, so we decided to use “Sheridan”. However, alien scout troops have already advanced to “Sheridan”. Given your previous experience, we decided to assign you to a one-man mission to infiltrate and fire “Sheridan”. You will be teleported to an airlock near the cargo bay in the top floor of “Sheridan”. There, sensor interferences may allow you to slip in unnoticed. Once you’re on Sheridan, you’re on your own. Your objectives are:

1. Reach the fusion reactor at the bottom of the station and activate the power couplings.
2. Activate the main engine of the laser at the top floor.
3. Initiate the multiplicator below the main engine.
4. The door to the firing station is secured by a nine-switch code changing every 24 hours. Get access to the quarters using the access card you have from the very beginning of the mission and look for any clues to solve the code.
5. Fire “Sheridan” and destroy the mother-ship.
6. Head back to the cargo bay on the top floor and get off the station using the escape pod connected to the airlock.

Good luck, soldier.

* Play Information *
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative Play: No
DukeMatch Level : No
Difficulty Settings : No
Plutonium PAK Required: Yes – A MIDI called “Original Sin”
New Art: No
New Sound FX: No
New Music: Yes
New .CONs: No
Demos Replaced: No







Texturing / Shading






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