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SuburbiaAuthor: Pipeline Release Date: August 22 1998 Story: An urban/heavy industrial themed level which contradicts the name of the map. Great design is combined with fast-paced game play to create something brilliant. The multi-leveled train track has been pulled off magnificently, there’s some nice looking sloped roof supports and lots of eye-candy. There’s a surplus... Read More »


StrandedAuthor: Peter Williams Release Date: August 21 2001 Story: On March 30th 2033 all contact was lost with the storage facility on the ice world of beta 16. After several attempts to regain contact with the facility the EDF feared that the worst had happened. That the facility was now under the control of the... Read More »

Space Showdown

Space ShowdownAuthor: Alejandro Glavic Release Date: March 7 2002 Story: Duke Match Map * Play Information * Single Player : No DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player : No Difficulty Settings : No Plutonium Pak Required : Yes New Art: No New Sounds: No New Music: No New .CONs: No Demos Replaced:... Read More »

Slaughter Fest

Slaughter FestAuthor: Mister Sinister Release Date: August 16 2013 Story: A city block map with a short waterfront pier and a few typical minor indoor locations like a bar, a hotel lobby, an office building, and a burning apartment complex hallway. Most of the action takes place at water level, or on the streets and in... Read More »

Mega Plaza Shopping Center

Mega Plaza Shopping CenterAuthor: Andras Piroska Release Date: December 31 1997 Story: Aliens have captured a shopping center in Los Angeles and they are working on a plan of great invasion. However, nobody really knows anything about their plans. It’s your job to capture their plans which lay somewhere in the media store as you are our only chance... Read More »

SS Observatory

SS ObservatoryAuthor: Fernando Márquez Release Date:  February 20 2005 Story: Once again, these aliens bastards ruin Duke’s vacation for good! They held captive women and made french fries for break time, but this is their second attempt to get control of the Earth, and within this space observatory as their first point of offensive tactics, there... Read More »

Roch Secret 1

Roch Secret 1Author: Pascal ROUAUD Release Date: May 27 2000 Story: When I did Roch2, I was sure (don’t ask me why!) it wasn’t possible to set the metro effect speed (used for the bumper cars). After releasing Roch2, I tested it though, and found …that it was possible! I couldn’t release then another Roch2 map, so... Read More »


RetrospectiveAuthor(s): Kevin “Kef_Nukem” Cools and Turpuli Release Date: July 31 2002 Story: Retrospective is a fun, large urban themed map with lots of locations, key-cards & monsters. Game play is pretty good, although it’s mostly the same sort of stuff – go in one building, recover a card, use it to enter another building only... Read More »

Resistance Rocks

Resistance RocksAuthor: Henri K (RazorZ) Release Date: August 15 2009 Story: Duke has been sent to stop aliens from ruining the Hydro Fusion Sub Station apart somewhere in Nevada. This is the story so far, but when other levels are released, there will be more information about it. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes... Read More »


ReichskanzleiAuthor: Peter Kucera Release Date: July 18th 2009 Story: It’s your job to visit the Nazi city hall in Berlin and wipe out the Nazis of the aliens. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player : Yes Difficulty Settings : Not Implemented Plutonium Pak Required :... Read More »