Name / DownloadDescriptionAuthor
The Original 3D Realms Goodies mapsAllen H. Blum III
Weird tricks for use in level-editing without the need for CON editing. Patola
List of BUILD KeysJonah Bishop
How to create entirely operable multi-leveled elevatorsSemicharm
Create a delay effect of the RESPAWN sprite by means of the SE10.Llyr Wyn Jones
The famous map text template, allowing mappers to comment on their maps.Unknown
Map Editing FAQ Jonah Bishop
A complete guide to creating levels Duke Nukem 3D - all in HTML format with illustrative images and a tutorial map.Ryan Lennox
SE 0 Tricks HOW-TOTim Conneen
A guide to producing a see-through water effect in Build / Mapster.Bob Averill
True 3D Translucent Water EffectDevastator
Keys used by EditArt.Jonah Bishop
The Duke Nukem 3D Con Editing FAQJoris B. Weimar & Jonah Bishop
Micky's Speed Mapping Guide (final)Michael Crisp (Micky C)
Micky C's Guide to Making Good MapsMichael Crisp (Micky C)
How to run third party Addons.Igor ‘Iggy” Willems