Cheat Codes

Enter these codes during gameplay. The following codes cannot be used when the game setting is on “Damn, I’m Good!”.

Command Effect
dnitems Adds all items, all keys, and max body armor
dninventory Adds all items, max body armor
dnstuff Adds all items, weapons, keys, ammo, and gives max armor
dnkeys Adds all keys to inventory (Red, Yellow and Blue)
dnweapons Adds all weapons and gives maximum ammo
dnhyper Adds Night Vision Goggles and Steroids to Inventory, uses Steroids
dnskillX Change to skilll level X (1-4), restarts level
dnview Changes to 3rd-Person View
dncoords Displays current coordinates, viewing position, and other information
dndebug Displays debug information (upper left corner)
dntodd Show “REGISTER COSMO” message
dnallen Shows “BUY MAJOR STRYKER” message
dnbeta Shows “PIRATES SUCK!” message
dncosmo Shows “REGISTER COSMO” message (Version 1.3d and prior only)
dnshowmap Shows entire map of level (press the map key)
dnrate shows the framerate
dncashman Throw some money when the “open” key is pressed.
dnmonsters Toggle monsters on / off
dnclip Toggles clipping (walk through walls)
dncornholio Toggles God Mode (Invincibility), Gives Jetpack (unlimited while cheat is on)
dnkroz Toggles God Mode (Invincibility), Gives Jetpack (unlimited while cheat is on)
dnunlock Triggers all the doors, forcefields etc. in the level to be unlocked / locked (only works in the registered version)
dnscottyXYY Warp to Episode X (1-4) Level YY

 Double Mighty Foot

This only works in the original Duke Nukem 3D for DOS and variants.(Plutonium Pak, etc.) Select Weapon 1(Duke’s Foot) then hold the Fire button. As you’re doing this, hold down the Mighty Foot button as well. Duke will now be kicking 1.5 times per kick! Not only that, but he’s doing so using both his left and right feet at the same time.

God Mode in Damn, I’m Good

First active god mode in any other difficulty level except Damn, I’m good. After that, wrap to a boss and kill it. Once you have done that, start a new game on Damn, I’m good and you’ll be in god mode. This works until you go to a lower difficulty level and deactivate it or quit the game entirely.