The Lost Moon Base

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Author: Alejandro Glavic
Release Date: January 3 2002
Story: In an EDF’s secret base Duke didn’t stop the aliens and they have stolen a very powerful bomb in that hi-tech airplane. Destination was unknown…

Then, Duke returned to the EDF Headquarters…
Duke : “General, I am sorry but I could not stop these guys…”
General: “No, man, cannot be, now we are lost!”
Duke : “Sincerely, i did one of my better efforts but they have stolen that bomb…”
General: “Ok Duke, I understand you, we’ll find another way to recover the bomb.”

Duke returned to his house, only to wait the moment of his death… One week later, he received a call from the EDF Headquarters.

General: “Hey Duke, we’ve found it! We still have another chance to save humankind! Please report here in 1 hour…”

Duke : “Yes sir!”

Then, Duke returned to EDF HQ…

Duke : “Here I am, General, now give me the mission, I really wanna kick their asses!”

General: “Well Duke, I am going to explain it. One of the people
that was working in the secret base was found floating
in the middle of the ocean, on a table… He was
rescued by us, and he revealed a secret about that bomb,
for security reasons they have installed a radio
transmissor in the bomb so we can know every time where
is it.”

Duke : “And where is now the bomb?”

General: “You are not going to believe it, but we’ve found that
the bomb is in a old base located on Moon. That base
was used to study the first aliens that we’ve found in
Earth, the same aliens that seems to be in this invasion.”

Duke : “Ok, I’m going in…”

General: “Not so fast Duke, we’ve lost contact with that base some
days ago, so I can guess that the base was taken by the
Aliens. There is a reactor there, that provides energy
to the base. You must destroy it by overloading the
power required by the base, so the base will melt and
the bomb will be entombed under the rubbish of the base.”
Duke : “No problem, General, these Alien bastards are gonna pay
for this!”

Atomic required : Yes
Co-op Mode : No
Death Match : No
Skill settings : Not Implemented
New art : No
New sounds : No
New music : No
New cons : No
Demos : No







Texturing / Shading






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