Mapster Mapping Tutorials

Name / DownloadDescriptionVersion / SizeAuthor
Original Demo MapsThe Original 3D Realms Goodies maps69 KBAllen H. Blum III
BUILD TricksWeird tricks for use in level-editing without the need for CON editing.v0.1 / 66.89 KB Patola
BuildkeyList of BUILD Keysv1.3 / 6.82 KBJonah Bishop
ele_trk-1How to create entirely operable multi-leveled elevators61.31 KBSemicharm
delspawnCreate a delay effect of the RESPAWN sprite by means of the SE10.1.27 KBLlyr Wyn Jones
templateThe famous map text template, allowing mappers to comment on their maps.849 BUnknown
mpfqdn21Map Editing FAQ v2.1 / 153.39 KBJonah Bishop
DN3D-InfoSuite-v7.3A complete guide to creating levels Duke Nukem 3D - all in HTML format with illustrative images and a tutorial map.v5.6 / 23.18 MBRyan Lennox
SE0TRICKSE 0 Tricks HOW-TOv1.02 / 21.90 KBTim Conneen
waterplusfaqA guide to producing a see-through water effect in Build / Mapster.18.86 KBBob Averill
TRUETRSLTrue 3D Translucent Water Effect6.74 KBDevastator
edartkeyKeys used by EditArt.v1.0 / 2.04 KBJonah Bishop
confaq42The Duke Nukem 3D Con Editing FAQv4.2 / 40.95 KBJoris B. Weimar & Jonah Bishop