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ExterminationAuthor: Juha “Turpuli” Laaksonen Release Date: April 21 2003 Story: You are sleeping after very exhausting night. Suddenly your flats bedroom wall explodes! “Friggin’ Aliens!! Do you know how much it costs to repair that?!?”, you shout. “Get ready for extermination!!” So you take your trusted pistol from under your pillow screaming for revenge. Time... Read More »

EDF Base

EDF BaseAuthor: Cody “Supertanker” Jackson Release Date: July 3 2005 Story: A basic run-through-the-level-blasting-the-crap-out of-everything-level, in a “secret” base in Syria. A note from the author: Look underwater for the shield control. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes (not tested) Cooperative 2-8 Player : Yes (not tested) Difficulty Settings... Read More »

EDF Overtaken

EDF OvertakenAuthor: Ryan “quakis” Rouse Release Date: July 16 2003 Story: A small EDF styled base consisting of corridors and medium sized rooms, but it’s a great looking little map with good texture combos, strong shading, and nice trim work. It definitely appears to be under siege with holes blown into walls and hazardous material leaking out... Read More »

Dukem Memorial Hospital

Dukem Memorial HospitalAuthor: Billy Boy Release Date: April 20 1999 Story: Dukem Memorial Hospital is invaded by aliens. Duke’s half brother, the brain surgeon, has been captured for dissection, but not before he flushes his yellow security card into the hospital sewer. When Duke hears of family in trouble, he borrows a Jeep to crash a barrier,... Read More »

Duke 2070

Duke 2070Author:Perro Seco Release Date: January 16 2014 Story: A plane loaded with dog viagra has exploded and spread all the load over the city, and when mixing with pollution, it has made people mutate into lizards, pigs and other monsters. The gilipresident has taken Duke Nukem out of the fridge so that he finish with... Read More »