Duke Nukem 3D V1.3d

Classic Duke Nukem 3D User Maps

ACME Weapon Factory

ACME Weapon FactoryAuthor: Maarten Pinxten Release Date: January 11 2000 Story: TheĀ  invasion is said to be located in a weapon factory tucked away in the Rocky Mountains. A team was sent to investigate but was never heard from again. Now there’s only one man for the job. A twenty minute adventure that’s time well spent. *... Read More »

Operation Kolpowitz

Operation KolpowitzAuthor: Maarten Pinxten Release Date: September 13 1999 Story: F: Colonel, we got this message from intelligence C: Let’s see it, Fandol….Damn! Base Kolpowitz has been taken over… Those aliens are a lot smarter than we expected…get me Duke on the double! F: Yes sir! … D: You called me sir? C: Yes, listen up,... Read More »

EDF Science Base

EDF Science BaseAuthor: One Man Army Release Date: May 28 2019 Story: The game starts off with duke fighting aliens on the city streets, and then he makes his way into EDF base. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No Cooperative 2-8 Player : No Difficulty Settings : Yes Plutonium Pak... Read More »


Eutrope*** Disclaimer *** This map contains an adult theme with new graphic art not suitable for children. Author: Ricky Pierrot Release Date: March 23 1998 Story: Explore the dark world of sexy, horror, bondage, churching fantasy as portrayed by an artist of the Bizarre, RICKY PIERROT, in a Duke Nukem map. Step back in time,... Read More »

Under Ground

Under GroundAuthor: Kevin Farnfield Release Date: July 30 1996 Story: City Map * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player : Yes Difficulty Settings : Yes Plutonium Pak Required : No New Art: No New Sounds: No New Music: Yes New .CONs: No Demos Replaced:... Read More »


TorcAuthor: Kevin Farnfield Release Date: June 29 1996 Story: Duke has decided to pay a visit to his old mate’s at TORC SOFTWARE in the U.K. They have helped to make Duke himself FAMOUS! Unfortunately the aliens have beaten him there & Robin is now a PIG COP! (The one behind the counter.) He now... Read More »

Time Cop – “It’s About Time”

Time Cop – “It’s About Time”Author: Philip Release Date: August 3 1996 Story: Duke finds himself warped into another time and place and wants to get back home. The only way for him to get home is to find the red key that sets the time machine for his home. Duke has to journey to a secret time launch facility,an... Read More »


TechtureAuthor: Noldor Ranzou Release Date: September 20 2000 Story: Small sized Duke Match level. * Play Information * Single Player : No DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player : No Difficulty Settings : Not Implemented Plutonium Pak Required : No New Art: No New Sounds: No New Music: No New .CONs: No Demos... Read More »


SaviorAuthor: Philip Release Date: September 11 1996 Story: The frogman escapes capture at the space station (911.map). Dukes gets back into his spaceship and follows frogman back to his slave mining camp. The camp is modeled after a medieval architecture, which is his favorite period in Earth’s history. After a large space dogfight, Duke gets... Read More »

Moonbase 3

Moonbase 3Author: Nathan Orr Release Date: February 18 1997 Story: The sequel! To the sequel! The sequel. This map is much harder than moonbase 2 and a lot harder than moonbase 1. Try not to get frustrated. IT IS NOT EASY! I know because that’s how I made it. If you find yourself stuck, just do... Read More »

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