Author(s): Ray Tracer & Children
Release Date:  April 6 2000
Story: Washington, 2004
– Colonel !
– So long, Duke ! How are…
– Why have I been summoned, Colonel Trutman ?
– Err… You must have guessed that we haven’t brought you here in order to take care of the first lady’s favorite pet…
– I’ve guessed it indeed… what’s going on ?
– Well… Maybe you know that the NASA has launched Voyager 2, about twenty years ago. It was launched into the outer space so as to seek a possible extraterrestrial life form, outside our galaxy… and… Voyager 2 has lately been destructed !
– Indeed ! Let me introduce myself : I’m Doctor Wesker, engineer of the Earth Defense Forces. Before being destructed, Voyager 2 has detected an amazing source of energy on a planet which is located near Celaeno, a star of the Pleiades constellation. Such an amount of energy can’t be natural on a planet…
– Doctor Wesker means Voyager 2 has probably found an extraterrestrial life form near Celaeno.
– Yes, it did ! Few minutes after having detected the energy, which surely comes from a kind of gigantic nuclear power station, Voyager 2 has been wiped out by a laser beam from a planet near Alcyone, another star of the Pleiades constellation…
– One hour later we detected a signal which comes from this constellation… Then we have detected a laser beam currently firing our sun… according to our scientists, we will be at the centre of a super-nova in about 11 hours !
– As you’re an expert in the dangerous missions, I’ve immediately thought to summon you…
-Wait a minute ! How could I go to the Pleiades in less than 11 hours ?
– The Doctor Wallace, one of the best scientists of the Earth Defense Forces, has created a prototype of teleporter in the Research and Development Department of the 51 Area… This machine can instantaneously send anything from one place to another… Is that true Doctor ?
– Not really, but maybe… Well, I’ve never tried to teleport a human being. But I’m
able to teleport successfully 20% of monkeys, in my lab !
– 20% ? What happens to the others 80% ?
– Well… they can’t take part in another experience…
– Trust me Duke, it’s the only way to bring you to the Pleiades !
– Why not send a whole army there ?
– We can’t accept the loss of 80% of the soldiers. This operation must remain top secret. Moreover, we can’t send a lot of people, it would take too much time… the cooling system of the generator must be reload to…
– Doctor, we don’t have time to listen to an astrophysic lesson !
– I see… so I act as a guinea pig, right ? So what’s my mission ?
-You must go to the Pleiades and eliminate all alien threat… It seems that the
generator which has been detected by Voyager 2 isn’t the only one in this area…
-Exactly ! We’ve detected some energy movement too, between 7 planets ! The main source of energy seems to be near a star called Celaeno… But something is really odd : the energy actually doesn’t move from a planet to another… it seems to be teleported !
-The alien must have mastered the teleportation technology… So you should be able to go from a planet to another by using the enemy’s teleporters…
– What ? Why not send me too ?
– We can’t do this… too much energy is concentrated in Celaeno. This could disturb the teleportation system, and you would come to a bad end, like 80% of the teleported monkeys…So you’ll be teleported on a planet located near the Maia star…
– Then make your way to Celaeno… remember that you must wipe out ALL alien activity…
– Well, the future of the Earth is in your hands, Duke…
– I can’t refuse this mission, I guess… Ok, I’m going in !
– Thanks ! I’ll bring you to the teleporter… Good luck Duke !
– Thanks colonel… it’s…… encouraging…

Going to the teleporter :
– Duke ! Be careful… I mean, Wallace and I feel something odd in this affair…
– What ?
– I don’t know… but, there’s something strange in the talk of the EDF agents… Anyway, here is a transmitter made by Wallace. According to him, it will allow you to send messages to the Earth. Don’t hesitate to contact me if necessary, the Earth Defense Forces doesn’t know about its existence…
– I see… Well, I must kick some ass. See you later, colonel !

* Play Information *
Single Player : Yes
DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-8 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Yes
Plutonium Pak Required : Yes
New Art: No
New Sounds: No
New Music: Yes
New .CONs: Yes
Demos Replaced: No







Texturing / Shading






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