SewersideAuthor: Igor Willems (Iggy) Release Date: July 20 2007 Story: The sewer system of Helltown wasn’t always what it should have been. Bad maintenance and the illegal dumping of chemical waste have made it into one of the most dangerous places (next to Duke’s toilet). Since many years no-one dares to go down there. The... Read More »

Map E1L1A

Map E1L1AAuthor: Bruno Release Date: May 10 2013 Story: A tribute map based on E1L1. Other than a few similarities on certain locations, i.e. rooftop, movie theater, and the basic layout of the street in the front of the theater, one could hardly tell this is Hollywood Holocaust because of the extreme detailed makeover and extensive... Read More »


DPCBPAuthor(s): Gambini, Mikko Sandt, Crux Borealis, Rigelblast, DeeperThought, Merlijn & Maarten van Oostrum. Release Date: July 28 2009 Story: A rip in the time-space continuum has caused all kinds of chaos, random objects, and locations to appear. The aliens are interested in the phenomenon to utilize it as a weapon. It’s Duke’s mission to wipe... Read More »

Desert Base 2

Desert Base 2Author: Mia Max Release Date: August 25 2008 Story: In this level you have to get out of the base and find a way through the desert to the beach. But be warned! The base is high secured and there are evil creatures armed with rockets hidden in caves. In front of the base there... Read More »


Aremade1Author: Mia Max Release Date: April 5th 2008 Story: This level is a remake from the original, a large map centered on a desert palace that is infested with aliens. It’s Duke’s job to kill ’em all and take out their leader. Duke starts out in an underground bunker like portion of the map and... Read More »

Tribute to Action II

Tribute to Action IIAuthor: Danny Mason Release Date: August 6 2009 Story: This map uses quite a few Dukeplus effects. This map contains a full remake of the cinema from the 1st level and continues down a path of destruction with mass street battles and bosses galore. Contains variants of normal monsters that have more health more damage... Read More »

Night Shade Army

Night Shade ArmyAuthor: Mike Norvak Release date: January 22 2012 Description: A city-under-attack map in the night, this is a tweaked version with minor stuff improved. * Play Information * Play Mode : SP Only Difficulty Settings : Yes Requires : Atomic, Eduke32 New Art: No New Cons: No New Art/Skybox : No New Background Music :... Read More »


DukecideAuthor : Mikko Sandt Release Date : April 21 2009 Story: “In the grim darkness of the far future” Earth is being purged of what the Assault alien race have long called the “human disease”. The final solution to the problem is nothing but a complete genocide of mankind. In this Darwinian struggle for survival... Read More »

Blown Fuses

Blown FusesAuthor: Luciano Gallo (Gambini) Release Date: December 15th 2008 Story: Duke suddenly wakes up and notices that his girlfriend is not with him. Apparently she stole his mattress as well. Duke gets up from the squeaking grid and realizes that something else happened here… * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player... Read More »