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Sacred Ground

Sacred GroundAuthor: Michael Hunt Release Date: May 10 2021 Story: Follow-up to Penthouse. After leaving his penthouse, Dukes chopper is shot down near the entrance to the offshore facility he was heading for and it becomes apparent that someone else got there first… Access the facility and search for survivors. * Play Information * Single Player... Read More »

Red Light Rumble

Red Light RumbleAuthor: Aymeric “ck3d” Nocus Release Date: July 3rd 2022 Story: A (very loose) remake of the classic Duke 3D episode 1 level 2 by Allen Blum, “Red Light District”, also borrowing some inspiration from episode 3 level 4 “L.A. Rumble” by Richard ‘Levelord’ Gray, and dressed up in neo-noir aesthetics. * Play Information * Single... Read More »


PromiseAuthor: DannyFromNewOrleans Release Date: December 7th 2021 Story: Christmas is at the door in snowy Allentown and Duke has promised to collect gifts for Lara. While doing so, he also needs to teach the aliens how one respects wintery holidays. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No Cooperative 2-8... Read More »


PenthouseAuthor: Michael Hunt Release Date: April 3rd 2021 Story: Follow-up to BankJob. After escaping into the subway, Duke needs to make his way to his penthouse and make contact with the EDF. However, the station is locked down and he needs to find another way out… Reach Dukes rooftop penthouse and board an EDF helicopter.... Read More »

Luna One

Luna OneAuthor: Michael Hunt Release Date: August 9 2021 Story: Follow-up to Archer. After crash-landing what’s left of the EDS Archer at Polaris Spaceport Duke’s mission becomes a race against time to reach and disable the Luna One reactor on the other side of the city, before the aliens can use it to power their orbital... Read More »

Launch Facility

Launch FacilityAuthor: Artyom Brullov Release Date: December 21 2021 Story: An interesting and extremely well-detailed remake of the original Launch Facility map in Duke3d. * Play Information * Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No Cooperative 2-8 Player : No Difficulty Settings : No Plutonium Pak Required : Yes New Art: No New Sounds:... Read More »

Factory Reception

Factory ReceptionAuthor: ToiletDuck64 Release Date: March 30th 2023 Story: Another Doom-style map…this basically takes place at the entrance/reception area of a factory (or some sort of factory-like facility) on Earth where the aliens have arrived and Duke is there to kill them (because, what else would you do?). * Play Information * Single Player : Yes... Read More »

Doom Nuclear Plant (E1M2)

Doom Nuclear Plant (E1M2)Author:Dennis Collins (StarCraftZerg) Release Date: February 27th 2024 Story: DOOM, the iconic early 90s FPS, brought to us a relic of a game that withstands the test of time! However, not all levels are remembered quite like E1M1 (Hangar). With all the love that goes to Hangar, I’ve hardly seen anyone talk about the second... Read More »

Der Zorn Gottes

Der Zorn GottesAuthor: Alex Pistol Release Date: October 20th 2023 Story: The aliens decided to try a different approach on their war waged on all mankind and took over an oil platform on the Norwegian Sea to use the fossil fuel on their assault spaceships and accelerate the deadly climate change on Earth. As an cological activist... Read More »