BobSPX: Xenocide

Author: Bob Averill
Release Date: February 14 2014
Story: Duke: Thanks for the lift, General.

General: I was in the area. Besides, the EDF isn’t going to leave it’s top agent stranded off the coast of an island in the middle of nowhere!

Duke:…What is it you want this time?

General: Such a cynic. You know, your happenstance discovery of that island nuclear facility couldn’t have come at a better time. If those Reptoids had finished retrofitting that nuclear reactor, the repaired mother ship could easily level the Earth’s major cities all over again. The nation’s defenses are a bit weak these days, if you haven’t noticed. But we needn’t dwell on that, as you managed once again to exterminate every last reptoid in the area.

Duke: That’s what they get for shooting up my ride…Wait, did you say “in the area”? Those were the last Reptoids on Earth, General.

General: That’s what top EDF intelligence agents thought too, until we began to recover data from the mother ship debris. It mentioned “Project SEED”, a last-ditch revenge-oriented operation intended to wipe out all life on Earth in case the Reptoid invasion failed. It details the construction of a hidden breeding facility where genetically engineered insectoid super-soliders are parasitically birthed from kidnapped local women.

Duke: Yeah, I ran across a bunch of those. Nasty fuckers, shot shrink rays and everything.

General: Our studies of Insectoid remains that you thoughtfully left behind indicate that those were the cybernetically enhanced “elite” units, as opposed to regular drones. Their acid-spitting glands were replaced with miniaturized shrink ray cannons. Luckily the few remaining Reptoid scientists haven’t been able to produce any elites, just drones, so you don’t have to worry abou-

Duke: So there are Reptoids left? I can’t believe I missed some.

General: Yes, from studying the mother ship components and software we’ve learned to detect their stealth transmissions. Almost immediately we picked up on Reptoid transmissions coming from Dynacorp’s mega-scraper in downtown Hollywood. We believe that’s where they’ve hidden their “Ark”, as it were.

Duke: Sometimes the best place to hide is in plain view.

General: You’re not kidding, Hollywood has already been mostly repopulated. It was actually a series of police reports of missing women that confirmed our suspicions. They’ve probably already been used as hosts for insectoid drones.

Duke: I distinctly remember killing the insectoid queen. Where are they getting new eggs?

General: The transmissions we zeroed in on taught us a great deal about Project SEED. It seems that they first developed these super-soldiers when a great number of parasitic insectoid creatures were discovered in a dormant state within the depths of a derelict spacecraft which crashed into a remote Reptoid outpost. It’s important to understand that the Reptoid belief system is based upon the doctrinal teaching of “Coldblood Supremacy”. On the Reptoid homeworld, the only mammals are small-brained scavengers and vermin. Their doctrines teach that because only Reptiles evolved intelligence on their world, their deity must have recognized the inherent superiority of coldbloods to warmbloods. Not only that, but the same Doctrines claim that ONLY reptilian life may be intelligent, let alone dominant on any given world. Imagine their horror when they discovered their first neighboring world with intelligent *mammalian* inhabitants….they declared them to be abominations.

Duke: ….So they used these “super-soldiers” to exterminate them?

General: Exactly. They’ve been traveling from planet to planet ever since on a ‘holy quest’ to purge the galaxy of all “Warmbloods”, using their super-soldiers
wherever mammals put up too much of a fight.

Duke: The Queen, general. Is there or isn’t there a new Queen?

General: A juvenile Queen, yes. In this larval stage, she lays thousands upon thousands of eggs before entering a cocoon and emerging as an adult, at which point she stops laying eggs and begins giving live birth to insectoid drones. The insectoid life cycle is still somewhat of a mystery to even our best scientists, but we do know this: In the juvenile stage, insectoid queens tend to be much smaller and weaker than adults. If you can find where they keep her, it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to kill her.

Duke: Gotcha.

General: One more thing: Our intelligence indicates that the surviving Reptoids managed to salvage a few hundred canisters of nuclear fuel while evacuating the island facility. They’re storing them in weight-bearing elevator shafts at the north-east corner of the building. The fuel is a particularly volatile mixture; if you can re-activate the elevators and send them to the ground floor, it should crush a few of the canisters and set off a chain reaction that will at least partially destroy the building.

Duke: So this is a suicide mission?

General: Of course not. The pilot will let us know when we’re close to the target; we’ll set down on one of the landing pads, and send you in. There’s a shortage of weapons on account of the war with the Reptoids, so you’ll be going in unarmed.

Duke: I’m never unarmed as long as I have Stompy McJustice.

General: ……

Duke: My boot.

General: I know. Anyways, I’ll have the pilot fly circles around the building while you’re inside taking care of business. Once you’re clear of the building, we’ll spot you and come in for a landing. The northeast landing pod is supported independently from the elevator shafts; it ought to hold up long enough after the explosion for us to safely extract you.

Duke: Get in, get out, blow it all to hell. Got it. It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of-

General: Here, I brought some this time. It’s wrigleys.

Duke: …*sigh*

* Play Information *
Single Player : Yes
DukeMatch 2-8 Player : No
Cooperative 2-8 Player : No
Difficulty Settings : No
Plutonium Pak Required : Yes
HRP: Yes
New Art : No
New Music : Yes
New Sound Effects : No
New .CON Files : Yes
Demos Replaced : No







Texturing / Shading






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