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Duke is Ten

Duke is TenAuthor(s): Geoffrey van Dijk, Iggy, James Stanfield, William Gee, Merlijn & Maarten van Oostrum. Release Date: January 29th 2006 Story: Give a group of premier mappers from the community just three days to create a set of maps centered on the theme “ten” to celebrate DukeNukem3D’s 10 year release anniversary. Given the short amount of... Read More »

Space Mission

Space MissionAuthor: Paul Monteray (High Treason) Release Date: April 15 2012 Story: A 2 level mini-episode with non-vanilla features such as gravity effects and using a space suit. The aliens have taken over a space station to use its communication relays.Duke runs ’em out of town and chases them down to a lunar mining facility where... Read More »

Sin Center

Sin CenterAuthor(s): Methy & Mikko Sandt Release Date: February 24 2012 Story: After saving the world yet again, Duke was enjoying a vacation in his luxurious apartment when the aliens decided to strike again in his very own street. Review by Forge on February 25-2012 A medium sized urban map. Done in the classic style; the... Read More »


SaucerAuthor: Nathan Orr Release Date: August 9 1999 Story: A flying saucer that has landed in a valley. The level is pretty small and consists of the valley with its caves and terraces, an underwater section with what looks like a half sunk piece of spacecraft, and the interior of the saucer itself. The outdoor... Read More »

E.S.B.N. 6

E.S.B.N. 6Author: Alejandro Pastor (HeXTra) Release Date: October 27 2012 Story: A level based on a schoolhouse. Areas are pretty typical; classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, a gymnasium, a library, a small street section, and some underwater hallways and sewer tunnels. Construction is blocky and ordinary, texturing can be a bit messy but is proper, and detailing can... Read More »


DraftedAuthor: N.E.Voigt (HangNail) Release Date: October 23 2008 Story: A military instillation styled map. There are a few storage and control styled rooms, and a helicopter pad, but the majority of the level is made up of a series of corridors that loop out and back again from a stairwell based hub in the first... Read More »

Domino 1.5 Secret

Domino 1.5 SecretAuthor: John Henderson Release Date: February 21 2002 Story: An urban map made up of a couple backyard alleyways and a club with a restaurant and dance floor. The atmosphere is dark and shadowy both indoors and out. Even with the significant amount of lighting effects around the cabaret the perimeter of the room is... Read More »

Airport West

Airport WestAuthor: Rob McCall Release Date: May 30 2005 Story: Duke sits on his sleazy motel bed, the cable tv he is watching stops for an important newsflash. The local airport ‘Airport West’ has been taken over by those alien bastards (will the action ever stop!!?). The aliens are hijacking planes and transporting their force around... Read More »


FM3XAuthor: Fernando Marquez Release Date: June 17 2015 Story: A nice series of space station (orbital and planetary)/alien themed maps.The atmosphere flowed very well and stayed consistent. Overall good looking maps with nice texturing/shading/sprite work/architecture/detailing. Lots of puzzles and effects and plenty of aliens to shoot up too. A few maps were so big and... Read More »

Moon Base Accident

Moon Base AccidentAuthor: Zykov Eddy Release Date: August 4 2008 Story: A 7 map episode (including 2 secret levels) and an additional 2 map Dukematch episode. New enemies: the scorpion tank and a couple different breeds of slimers. A new, powerful weapon to replace the shrinker. New art and sounds. The series of levels starts the player... Read More »