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Dark Seed

Dark SeedAuthor: Sanek Release Date: May 12th 2018 Story: Dark Seed (no connection to the game of the same name) is a short story-driven map inspired by such movies as Alien 3, The Thing and the author’s own desire to make a map that relies on reading text instead of a firefights. * Play Information *... Read More »


LibraryAuthor: Sunstorm Interactive Release Date: April 15 2007 Story: A Duke match level set in a library. There are a total of 4 hidden areas and the map cators to 2-8 Duke match players. * Play Information * Single Player : No Cooperative Play: No DukeMatch Level : Yes (2 to 8 Players) Difficulty Settings... Read More »

Reverse Will

Reverse WillAuthor: DannyFromNewOrleans Release Date: December 28th 2017 Story: Duke has arrived at Florida to investigate the SPCH facility. In terms of game play this is a somewhat tough map with lots of enemies. Because of the wall limit I couldn’t follow my original plans for this map, but I think it’s still decent. * Play... Read More »